Here, there and everywhere - Ignite Class of 2017 (NYC Daily Blog No.3)

Today was all about the companies maximising the time they had in NYC, with a lot of shoe leather being worn as they pounded the streets to meet customers, partners, and intermediaries...anyone that could provide insight, challenge, support or custom as they seek to grow their businesses.

There was a real buzz in the group first thing as the logistics of the city challenged the best laid diary plans. Each company individually set off to conquer New York with some common venues e.g. UK Embassy and some less common targets e.g. hedge funds, channel partners, city bike schemes. A big thank you to the Embassy who provided some real insight to the participants and a genuine offer of assistance as they seek to gain traction, an offer I believe each of our companies will be following up on!

It wasn't until the end of the day that everyone regrouped to discuss the fruits of their labour and while everyone was a little less energetic than when I had last seen them, this appeared to be the result of a successful day in the heat in New York. It was clear from the conversations over a cold beer, we all felt this was the method to re-energise, that some real progress had been made during the day each business having a couple of standout meetings that had left them with things to ponder that evening.

The day was rounded off over a bite of dinner, where the group shared their experiences of being a start-up but also their subject matter expertise as they sought to give each other useful insights. Conversation over dinner was really enlightening for me personally and I think each of the companies for engaging so openly with each other on the trip so far. I have included a picture of one of the dishes from tonight’s dinner, any thoughts on what it is?

Only a few meetings on Thursday morning to go before we make the pilgrimage back home, before we do though here is a company profile for our second participant on the programme Funds-Axis.


Funds-Axis is a RegTECH (Regulatory Technology) company, with a unique combination of regulatory expertise and best-of-breed technology.

Their target market is the global investment management industry and clients include leading asset managers, fund administrators and depositary banks in the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America.

These clients need to comply with an increasing range of requirements in respect of risk, investment compliance and regulatory reporting. Funds-Axis proposition is to provide out-of-the-box solutions for these requirements, providing clients with solutions can be implemented quickly and cost effectively without the need for large projects or integrations with legacy systems. This is made possible through pre-defined rules and reports, established data integrations with 20+ Fund Administrators, Custodians and Prime Brokers, cloud based hosting and the availability of fully managed outsourced service, delivered through the firm’s Belfast office.

A key strategic objective of Funds-Axis for the next 12 months is to significantly expand its US client, both by direct client on-boarding and through partnerships in the US market.

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