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In an increasingly digital age, PwC is committed to ensuring that the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution are accessible to all.

Rather than fear the fundamental changes to the ways we live and work, we believe there is a huge opportunity to create new jobs, and rebalance our economy and society. 

One way we are supporting this is through our fully-funded technology and data science degrees. The programme was created to give more young people from a broader range of backgrounds the opportunity to build a career in technology and to help grow the UK’s next generation of technology talent.

It’s one of the first and largest examples of the new Level 6 Degree Apprenticeships in action. Apprentices are PwC employees from day one. They earn a salary throughout the course which blends university life with practical work-based technology projects.

In September 2018, 111 students started the course which was designed in partnership with the Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, St Andrews and Queen's University Belfast. Find out what the Northern Ireland-based students think of it so far. 

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