Creating a strategy for export – 5 key considerations


Joanne Faloon
Director of Marketing
CDE Global

CDE is the leading provider of wet processing equipment for quarries, mines and recycling operations on the global market. The business is organised into five specialist sectors (sand & aggregates; construction, demolition & excavation waste recycling; mining; specialist industrial sands and environmental) with a focused ‘localisation’ strategy in place across our export markets; to deliver growth and realise our 2020 Vision.

Localisation strategy

When entering a new foreign market it can be challenging to give buyers in that country a customer experience that feels familiar and comfortable to them. Creating country-by-country localisation strategies ensures customers abroad benefit from the same quality experience they would expect from a local business. Having adopted this strategy, CDE has made considerable investments in establishing regional business teams and offices across our core markets, so our customers can engage with local expertise whilst still being exposed to the CDE culture.

Putting the customer first

Our success in developing our export business is due to many factors, but central to this has been our Customer For Life framework and the CDE culture which supports and drives our core values;

  • Do it right 
  • Do it now 
  • Do it safe
  • Do it together

At the heart of this is ‘Putting the Customer First’. With a vision to be the Number 1 wet processing equipment company in every country in the world, we are dedicated to continually developing world beating products, service and processes through innovation, initiative and intuition. Our commitment to engineering excellence and our collaborative partnership approach with our customers, together with our desire to deliver the best value to our customers in everything we do, ensures we are delivering and exceeding customer expectations on a global basis.

Developing people

Developing our people and supporting each others' growth is a fundamental part of CDE culture. Sharing solutions and knowledge with each other in a learning environment means we can continue to bring our expertise to our customers in new and innovative ways. At CDE, we are never satisfied with the status quo! Our mission is to maximise the value from the earth’s finite natural resources by designing and delivering wet processing plants, built in partnership with our customers. Our people are core to helping us deliver this, and we never forget the importance of providing opportunity, support and training for our staff, whilst ensuring that a safe, healthy, quality environment is provided.

Establishing a competitive advantage

Delivering a competitive advantage on a global basis requires knowledge, skill, performance, experience, leadership and identification of opportunities and potential; all operating at the same time. At CDE we have a shared vision which allows employees to develop strategies that are aligned to the overall businesses and with SMART objectives in place to support our strategy, we are driven to delivering our unique value propositions across all our regions.

Understanding your market

Building a global brand can be challenging but is necessary to understand your customers’ behaviour in each market. For example, customers within our industry in one country will consume media differently than others, therefore, whether it is digital, print, traditional marketing channels or emerging new technology, each will have a different level of impact and importance. The challenge is to ensure a return on your investment and be prepared to try new methods of communication and marketing strategies which will ensure you achieve a competitive advantage.

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