Global opportunities drive up applications for PwC’s Ignite technology accelerator

| Sep 06, 2016

The importance of building global markets beyond the UK and EU was key factors in persuading companies to apply for inclusion on PwC’s latest Ignite technology accelerator programme.

And now PwC has named the four companies selected to participate in the programme, intended to fast-track them into international markets.

Launched in 2015, Ignite saw four local companies win places on the inaugural Ignite accelerator programme. This year’s four Northern Ireland young technology businesses selected to participate are: Cyberlytic, Funds-Axis, See.Sense and Yedup.

The four will join PwC’s Ignite programme - and spend a year accessing PwC expertise, advice and global networks.

Speaking at the launch of the 2017 PwC Ignite programme, Noel Culbert, PwC associate partner, said interest in the scheme and demand to join had been even greater than for the initial programme:

“The inaugural Ignite programme generated a lot of publicity for the accelerator, but it also generated opportunities for the companies, in the US and other markets.

“One of the factors that motivated applicants was the importance of developing new international markets beyond the EU.

“The experience of the first Ignite group was that the structure of the programme - particularly sharing the challenges US tech companies and the Silicon Valley experience - helped in focusing the companies on the fundamentals that underpin successfully exploiting new markets and growth opportunities.

“We’re pleased that the outcome of the EU referendum has been to create opportunities and raise the awareness of global market potential for Northern Ireland’s small technology companies.

“Now the four are on board, the latest journey begins.”

PwC says the Ignite programme has the support of industry, industry bodies and digital companies that are already trading internationally - many of whom learned the hard way that behind every great idea is a need for market exposure, management expertise and financial acumen.

PwC will provide each of the four successful companies with a mentor for a 12 month period to create and implement an action plan to accelerate business growth. The mentorship programme includes a trip to Silicon Valley to experience the US tech market and meet some of the top technology experts and advisors in California – all at no cost to the companies.

About the companies


Belfast-based Cyberlytic ( @CyberliticUK) has developed the Cyber Threat Profiler (CTP), which provides real time risk and security intelligence. The CTP connects to existing security systems to analyse the underlying attack data. It prioritises cyber-attacks by using a unique patented classification approach to determine the capability of the attacker, together with the relative sophistication and effectiveness of each attack.

Machine learning is used to continually update and adapt the classification model and provide highly accurate results.


Funds-Axis ( @FundsAxis) is a regulatory technology company providing a suite of software, data, consultancy and training products and services to the global fund management industry. The main product is FundWare, developed with technology partner Miles, which is industry-leading regulatory software which enables clients to maintain and monitor their compliance with financial regulations such as UCITS, AIFMD and shareholder disclosure rules.

The product is designed using the latest technology, and with all clients on a single source code. Funds-Axis offers an out-of-the-box cloud-based solution, with integrated market security data feeds, plug-and-play business rules cards and pre-packaged reports.

See Sense

See Sense (  @seesense_cc) designs innovative, connected products for cyclists, with a crowd-sourced sensor data that can be used to improve cycling infrastructure and create the smart cities of the future. Products cover:

(1)   Hardware – the production of leading edge, high technology cycling products, such as intelligent and connected lights and theft-tracking devices that make use of the latest in IoT technology.

(2)   Applications – the development of new and innovative applications, such crash and theft detection alerts, and a suite of features relevant to the urban cyclist, along with the ability to make in-app purchases, on-demand insurance and a reward platform.

(3)   Data – real-time monitoring and analysis of aggregated never before seen, crowd-sourced data, such as road surface monitoring for early pothole detection, accident and near miss detection, as well as temperature, light levels and - coming soon - air quality.


Yedup Limited ( @yedup_ ) is a Belfast-based start-up undertaking primary R&D and commercialisation of artificial intelligence (AI) and adaptive machine learning technology to improve the ability of machines to understand human language, especially the non-standard language used on social media, in real time (i.e. at high throughput speed).  

The initial product, 'SodaBread Data Stream' analyses the real-time global social media conversation about traded financial assets and delivers (a) an ultra-low latency market data stream of derived investors' opinion for each quoted stock being monitored on principal exchanges, and (b) a real time trading signal based on significant changes detected in the primary opinion signal that is predictive of future short. Both data streams are unique to SodaBread

About Ignite

Ignite was launched in April 2015 and four Northern Ireland companies Flowlens Ltd, Ardbrin Ltd, DisplayNote Technologies Ltd and Datatactics Ltd won places on the Ignite accelerator programme. After a year of bespoke mentoring and advice from PwC, the four travelled to Silicon Valley, courtesy of PwC, to network with some of the leading US west-coast technology operators.

The 2017 Ignite programme was launched on 22 April at the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP ) and the four companies were selected from a number of applicants.


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