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Companies all over the world spend billions per year on TV advertising. But is it still effective? Does it continue to have an influence on consumers? How can firms accurately measure return on investment? In a rapidly changing digital media environment, these are increasingly important questions, which are being asked in boardrooms across the globe. So, what if there was a tool that could measure TV advertising…

Hew Bruce-Gardyne and Jayne Fairchild from TVSquared tell us about TVSquared.

Introducing TVSquared 

Around seven years ago we were approached by someone who was investing a lot in TV advertising, around 90% of their marketing budget. Yet around 90% of their analytics came from the other 10% of the marketing budget. Essentially, they were blind as to where their marketing budget was going. The question is – could we bring the same level of insight to the world of TV? This initial conversation ignited the start of TVSquared as we developed tools to analyse TV advertising. There are three of us that founded TVSquared and between us we had all worked with start up-companies before and our skillsets complemented each other in what can only be described as a perfect storm.

The disruptive part 

“We had a solution that worked quickly and started talking to advertisers. TV is now seen as something that can be measured and built into your digital platform,” says Hew. “This was not the case before and historically the only measurement would be including unique phone numbers on the advert.”

Marketing Manager Jayne Fairchild tells us that not only is the solution itself disruptive but it has disrupted the way the market operates.

“We now work with advertising agencies and TV networks who both see the benefits of the solutions and realise it is needed in the market. We are always hearing how TV is dying and digital has taken over. TVSquared has given them a solution where they can now work together,” she says. “There is a place for both. Both can now be measured. TV has a real crowd effect and consumers can feel part of something. We work with clients who see great results from TV advertising.”

More than the product 

Hew created the product and admits if the product didn’t work we would have nothing. That is the core element. “However, we know we need more than that and have a mentality that every single customer matters,” says Hew. “We support our clients throughout the process and pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer service and the speed in which we get things done are a huge part of who we are at TVSquared. We have nearly 100 employees across eight offices and operating in 70 countries, which feels a long way off when we started as the three of us working virtually.”

What is next for TVSquared?

“We will continue to grow and are excited for the future,” says Hew. “The plan is to keep on building on what we have and talking to our customers on what they want.”

The best way to disrupt a market is to spot an unfulfilled need and think of how to fill it. This is very much the story at TVSquared.

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