PwC Regional Chair reveals his one rule for work/life balance

| Oct 07, 2016

Earlier this week, as part of National Work/Life Week, a number of PwC Scotland staff shared their work/life balance tips. Here, regional chairman for PwC in Scotland Lindsay Gardiner reveals the one rule he has for that - and why it may be good for him but not necessarily a tactic you should adopt.

Climbing volcanos

"There’s been a lot said this week about work/life balance with many people swapping tips and hints on what they do to achieve it and it’s a really interesting area to see what counts. A colleague of mine was talking to a business owner who said they didn’t believe in it – but was talking to said person as they were climbing a volcano to unwind.

My one rule for work/life balance

"It’s a question that’s occasionally asked of me as well – what do you do for work/life balance – and I’m not sure if I have a tactic or strategy that fits in that context, but I do have one rule: I will work as long as it takes during the week, regardless of being in Scotland or elsewhere, but the weekends are my time – for tinkering on my old Defender car, spending time with the family, playing golf or carrying out charity work for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation – and that works for me.

"Now before anyone thinks I believe people should be chained to their desks 24/7 far from it. I’m very proud of the fact that at PwC we have numerous avenues open to staff – from groups like our SPACE network to remote working and flexible hours – to ensure they are working at times and in an environment that encourages them to be the best they can– and that’s what we need to remember when talking work/life balance: it’s different for everyone.

"The person who founds a company may spend 18 hours a day on it but not see it as work while someone else may think 9-5 is too long a day for what they do. Everyone is different and everyone has different priotrities and focus. We should respect that.

"I’ve always believed in working hard to achieve my goals and what I want in life. Rising through the ranks at PwC, helping colleagues and clients, that wasn’t handed to me on a plate. To achieve results and responsibilities you need to work hard and sometimes that means working in evenings, rising early to attend meetings. I enjoy my work so I can’t make too many complaints about that (unless a flight is delayed, everyone hates that).

"This is what works for me, my wife and my family.

What you should learn from work/life balance week

"The thing I hope people take from Work/Life Balance week is not looking at others and thinking ‘Oh I need to do it like them’ because that won’t make you happy. The trick to achieving a good work/life balance is doing a job you enjoy and having a life you enjoy so that you can make the best of both.

"Find the balance that works for you."


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