PwC Scotland sponsors first Scottish Cyber Awards

| Sep 22, 2016

PwC has been announced as sponsors for the first Scottish Cyber Awards.

PwC joins Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, SBRC, in sponsoring the awards and ensuring they are of the highest quality.

Colin Slater, cyber-security partner for PwC said:

“Raising further awareness, not only of cyber security but also the excellent work being done by those working in the field, highlights the importance of good practice and vigilance in protecting Scottish business and consumers.

“Cyber security remains a tier one threat to the UK. In an age where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly indiscriminate, everyone is a target, regardless of size or profile.

“The UK is one of the most heavily attacked nations in the world with the Office for National Statistics confirming over 2.5million cybercrime events in 2015. Yet, with a reported £1billion having been spent on cyber security over the last four years, cybercrime remains one of the most under-reported offences in the UK, with some attacks remaining undetected for days, months or even years.

“Cyber-security – and best practice in this field – will continue to be an ongoing issue and that’s one of the reasons we’re delighted to be associated with these awards as a sponsor.”

In this first year the take up for the sponsorship of the categories has been very swift, with all categories receiving sponsor support in just five days and already there have been a steady level of enquiries about the entry process.

Mandy Haeburn-Little, CEO, SBRC said:

“We are all delighted with the level of support and attention which the national Cyber Awards have generated already. The awards take place in November and in this first year we are thrilled that PwC and Scottish Enterprise are co-sponsors.

To have support of this quality and for all the individual categories is a recognition of the importance that Scottish business is attaching to the whole safe cyber agenda. This has been an extremely important year for Scotland following the launch of the Cyber resilience Strategy by the Scottish Government and we are very pleased that just six months on we have been able to announce these.”

The awards recognise everything from Cyber Evangelist of the year, Outstanding Women in Cyber Cyber Resilient Community Impact through to best small to medium size defender of the year. They have been designed so as to be accessible to the smallest companies and you can nominate other people in each of these categories.

The deadline for applications is 12th September with applications forms are available on SBRC website

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