PwC Reading's Frontier Launch - Video Transcript


[00:00:04] This is PwC's first frontier outside of London. It's based in Reading. It's a space that we can use to collaborate with our clients, but also to work with our clients to really think about technology.

[00:00:16] I'm hoping that this event will show to our clients in the area that PwC is not just an accountancy firm and actually we can do a lot more to support them in the evolution of their businesses

[00:00:26] To prepare businesses for this onslaught of disruption is really important to have an experimental and an exploratory mindset. What that means is being courageous enough to take on these technologies and try them at least in pilot form, to really understand their impact.

[00:00:45] We touched on a couple of key things. Firstly is about the notion of the intelligent cloud. This ambient computing that's happening out there, driven by the public cloud, infused by artificial intelligence. And we then talked about the intelligent edge, how really devices are just going everywhere and how augmented and mixed reality is making technology real to life for everybody.

[00:01:06] There was an escape room, a VR room showcasing some of our latest technology and even a selfie room, and it was great to see our clients interacting with this.

[00:01:14] All the presenters were absolutely fantastic. The panel was brilliant and Joe and John were great. It's been really successful. I think a lot of people have got a lot of food for thought in how technology is going to impact their business.

[00:01:27] Businesses need to change. I mean, even Microsoft changes, that they've made themselves. And therefore, if a big technology company recognises that and PwC have recognised that, then it's so important for that to be cascaded down within the business community and everybody to embrace it.

[00:01:45] What excites me is just the journey that everyone's on. What I quite liked was the perspective that PwC could look at all the technologies that they touch. They have so many touch points with different companies.

[00:01:58] They should come to events like this and find out more about what's going on.

[00:02:02] So the biggest challenge when adopting these newer technologies is all around the culture of people. So an organisation has to be set up culturally to accept these technologies, embrace them and exploit them.

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