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I am Rachel Briant, the Founder of Get Synergised, a bespoke Consultancy and Project Management service that enables collaboration. I am driven by a desire to connect people, inspire change and help to build resilient and thriving communities. People are at the heart of business, charitable and public sector organisations and our society.

Whilst seeking out partnerships with local businesses in Cambridge that have purpose as a hallmark of their culture and operations, Get Synergised connected with PwC Cambridge in January 2019. Conversations confirmed that we were mutually aligned in values and our commitment to Cambridge by:

  • Contributing to sustainable and thriving communities 
  • Doing the right thing
  • Being a catalyst for change

This collaborative partnership evolved following the PwC Cambridge office move to the Maurice Wilkes Building, where the generous offer to use their office space and facilities for local charities and public sector organisations was proposed. After a tour of their new office space provided by Gareth Willmer, PwC Marketing Manager, and John Dow, PwC Business Development Manager, I was struck by the creative, inspiring and thought provoking space to work and connect in. It was obvious to me that this would be a really valuable resource and meeting space for local organisations, with the added bonus of free coffee and tea on tap!

At the PwC Cambridge opening in March 2019 it was highlighted that since January this year, numerous charitable and public sector organisations have entered the doors to utilise their valuable space. What a fantastic achievement in such a short space of time. The event was full of inspiring conversations, topical discussions and lots of laughter. The PwC team gave everyone such a warm welcome.

In addition to utilising office space, PwC Cambridge has also been keen to create opportunities for employees to share valuable skills and expertise with charities and public sector organisations. As a result, a number of new initiatives have taken place with organisations that share similar values. Positively engaging employees in activities that impact society in a practical way can have numerous benefits for businesses and goes a long way to enhance workplace cultures.

The purpose of PwC Cambridge drives their commitment to trust and building sustainable and collaborative partnerships. Sharing the same passion to empower people and drive change in communities, Get Synergised is looking forward to collaborating with PwC to be a positive force for good in the city of Cambridge. 

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