A year in the Cambridge northern cluster

It’s been a year since we relocated our PwC Cambridge office to The Maurice Wilkes Building in St John’s Innovation Park, and we haven’t looked back since. Moving to the centre of the northern cluster has been completely transformational, placing us right in the heart of Cambridge’s thriving business community.

With international technology, life sciences and R&D businesses clustered nearby, the region is leading the way with it’s cutting edge, innovative work. When combined with local world-leading education institutions and the potential the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc could unlock, the area is incomparable for business relocation.

We’ve found St John’s Innovation Park generates a neighbourly sense of atmosphere, with opportunities to work collaboratively in addressing local challenges, as well as those further afield. 

Since opening our doors last year, we’ve welcomed almost 500 local businesses, charities and social enterprises into our office, providing use of our space for their events, meetings, or the chance to simply work in a different environment. This time spent informally networking has encouraged new ideas, and new connections. For example, over the past year we have worked closely with local business Get Synergised, who introduced us to local education institutes, local councils, and the Citizens Advice Bureau. This has plugged us into the local network, and emphasises the importance of building strong relationships. 

As we look to the next year and beyond, Cambridge’s northern cluster is the ideal location to support the wider vision for Cambridge. Ranked in the top ten in our latest Good Growth for Cities research, businesses, communities and local place leaders all have a responsibility to work together to focus on this broad definition of growth for Cambridge, and shape this world-leading city. The innovative, forward thinking businesses of the northern cluster have significant potential to unlock future opportunities for Cambridge. 

Moving into the northern cluster has been a fantastic experience for us, allowing us to work in a way that is different, and adapts to these changing business times. For those who are considering relocating into the area this isn’t a difficult decision. The opportunities are unparalleled, and it’s the chance to really shape the future of our fantastic region. 

For more information about what a move to the Cambridge northern cluster could do for your business contact Sian Steele on sian.steele@pwc.com.

Sian Steele, Cambridge Office Senior Partner

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