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Lynne Baber

"As PwC's lead for Aerospace and Defence in the region, I am keen to ensure that the public and private sides of our sector come together to better understand each other's priorities and challenges"


The UK Aerospace, Defence & Security industry’s perspective on Brexit: focusing on the four T’s – talent, traffic, tariffs and technology

In the wake of the Government’s decision to invoke Article 50, we’ve been talking to current and future leaders from across the ADS sector, both public and private – to elicit their views on Brexit. When we brought these together at a recent event, their insights were fascinating, amounting to a roadmap for both regional and national ADS to navigate through a post-Brexit world.

As the debate unfolded, consensus quickly emerged around two issues. The first was that the UK today is the industrial vision of Europe made real – and that our industrial organisational set-up is based on the free movement of people, capital and goods. A car is composed of 25,000 parts, an aircraft of over 4 million. In each case these components come from all over the world. Our future competitiveness will be dependent on this global, frictionless approach continuing.

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