PwC Scale | Yorkshire: Cohort Founders Spotlight – Panintelligence

Panintelligence is an analytics software developer on a mission to be the analytics partner of choice for technology companies.

Originally developed for the UK’s Finance and Banking sector, Panintelligence’s secure data exploration software enables users to build their own charts, reports and predictive models over disconnected, high volume transactional data sources.

Easy to embed and white-label, they have built a channel of over 80 software vendors and resellers who take their software to market across a wide range of sectors including Finance, Education, Healthcare, Local Government and SMEs in the UK, Australia and America. Panintelligence are the only SAGE certified Business Intelligence solution in the UK, winning their Sage Innovation Award.


Zandra Moore, Co-Founder & CEO took the time to answer some questions about why they joined the programme and what their journey has been like so far.

Q. Welcome to the Scale Yorkshire cohort! Tell us a little bit about your journey so far...

Panintelligence is a Data Analytics Software Developer in Leeds with a team of 25 people. Our software enables people to easily access data from all their systems, in one place, so they quickly understand what is happening and why in real-time.  Panintelligence was previously part of Pancredit, a software developer for lending solutions to banks and financial intermediaries, we successfully completed an MBO from Pancredit in 2014. Since then we have seen double digit growth year on year and the number of software resellers and software vendors who sell and deploy our software has risen to 85.

Q. What is your biggest opportunity for scaling in 2018?

The amount of data we are collecting and the number of devices we collect data from as individuals and organisations is growing exponentially, the opportunity to unlock the value that data holds is enormous. We have spent the last 4 years proving our technology and business model, now we need to grow the team to meet the demand and market opportunity that is here now. The biggest opportunity for us is with SMEs and the cash strapped Public Sector organisations where we have proven that our easy to use and affordable solution can deliver tangible value very quickly.

Q. What do you believe will be the biggest challenge facing your growth?

We have worked hard to build a brilliant team and culture at Panintelligence, a place where people can bring themselves to work, innovate and thrive. It’s always a challenge finding the right people and add to that our commitment to building a diverse team. Maintaining our open, supportive, diverse and innovative culture so we can continue to attract talent will be essential as we continue to grow.

Q. What was it about the programme that particularly appealed to you?

At the time I was approached I was looking for someone to be a sounding board, someone to challenge my thinking. Finding time to work on the business as a leader of an SME is hard as you spend so much of your time working in the business. We have had a great 4 years since the MBO, we have grown organically and whilst we are seeing accelerated growth I believe we can accelerate faster.  Having the time to learn, reflect, sound ideas out with a group of peers and mentors is invaluable.  At the end of the day “you don’t know what you don’t know” so any opportunity to learn and be challenged is worth its weight in gold. If you give yourself the time!

Q. What's the most valuable piece of advice you been given so far in relation to scaling?

Focus around routes to market, we had light bulb moments in that session where it completely challenged our thinking around target customers and repeatable commercial/product models. Amazing how a different perspective can make new opportunity visible.

Q. If you weren't an entrepreneur, what do you think you'd be doing?

As a woman in tech, a female founder and CEO, a football coach I am frequently told I am a rare breed, I am working hard on changing that, if I wasn’t an entrepreneur I would probably be helping women to be entrepreneurs.

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Zandra Moore

Zandra Moore, Co-Founder & CEO

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