Leadership Exchange on Inclusive Leadership

Working together to help create more inclusive cultures in our organisations

October 2019

To coincide with Black History Month in October 2019, 80 senior leaders and members of the community came together to address the topic of inclusive leadership and how we can create more inclusive cultures within our organisations.

It was an inspiring day of listening, learning and collaborating, concluding with the sharing of personal actions and commitments to driving a culture of inclusion today, tomorrow and in the future. Some of the key actions drawn from the discussion were to:

  • Listen in order to understand, and be present with your people
  • Challenge existing recruitment practices to remove inherent biases
  • Question policies and how they affect your diverse workforce
  • Reward team members who demonstrate inclusive behaviours

“Before you get to inclusion, diversity is required. Otherwise we’re already talking about outcomes before we’ve made the structural changes.”

Ursula BurnsCEO and Chairman, VEON

What can we learn from one another on creating inclusive cultures

Perspectives from the community 

You have to change the way you look at talent, go fishing in ponds and pools you never knew existed.

You create a diverse environment by acknowledging that most people can exceed and will succeed if given a broad set of abilities.

Most organisations are resilient to constructive criticism. I have faith that you can actually make change happen now if you speak up.

We have to take some responsibility for our children, their attitudes, their values, energy and determination. They are the ones who won’t let this go.


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