Video transcript: PwC £10 Previews at The Old Vic - Inspiring a new audience


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Video transcript

Theatre shouldn’t be exclusive, it should be open to everyone, and this theatre has always been at the heart of its community.

The beauty of The Old Vic is that we’re not privately owned, we’re not publicly funded, we’re the people’s theatre.

The PwC £10 ticket scheme is really an extraordinary thing.  50% of our tickets during previews are £10. I mean you just don’t get to see theatre on that scale for that kind of money in London.

What I love about it is that it’s completely unique. Its USP is that there are no barriers, there’s no age restriction or criteria, when we mean it’s accessible to everyone, it really is.

Really surprised when I first heard about it, and I thought it was a fantastic thing that PwC was doing. It’s meant that I’ve been able to see so many fantastic plays that I wouldn’t normally have been able to see. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I think it’s really great to try and get people coming to the theatre because everyone thinks it’s a big expensive thing but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s really good actually.  We rarely come to theatre, so for us it was an introduction to something new.

That’s the thing, the £10 ticket means you can do it, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

Yes, a bit more casual and make it as accessible as possible so everyone can enjoy it and take part.

I wouldn’t be able to afford to see half the productions I do if there weren’t cheap tickets available.

It’s amazing to be able to see one of these productions, get a ticket at a price that’s affordable, so it’s a great night out.

To actually see a play that usually costs, probably 5 times more.

Most of my friends now pick up the tickets as well, for the same reason, because they’re cheap.  So people who normally don’t go get to go, cos it’s like.

I get to see my favourite writers, a piece of Woyzeck and see John Boyega, it’s all really cool, I’m really happy.

For us as creatives you get such a young, diverse, interesting audience in and that’s just brilliant, because they’re incredibly vocal, they tell you very quickly what works and what doesn’t work, and it’s just a joy to see young people in the theatre.

Cos I work a lot in telly those are the audiences I normally write for so to get them in the theatre doing the thing I most love doing, it’s absolutely brilliant. The fact that PwC are able to support it, I’m really, really grateful to them.

We couldn’t do the scheme without PwC and we consider them to be the most innovative and responsive partner.  Without them we couldn’t bring affordable theatre to the people of London.  

We want to continue to inspire a new audience and with PwC we’re opening our doors, allowing everyone to come and join in.

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Fay Merrick

Fay Merrick

Head of Corporate Hospitality and Sponsorship, PwC United Kingdom

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