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What is The Tech She Can Charter?

The Tech She Can Charter is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. It aims to tackle the root cause of the problem at a societal level by inspiring and educating young girls and women to get into tech careers and sharing best practice across the organisations involved.

Why this matters?

As a group we know this is an important problem to solve as technology is set to influence every aspect of our lives. We need to ensure that the people creating our technology solutions are representative of the population and that females have an equal opportunity to take part in the jobs of the future.


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This ground-breaking cross-industry initiative follows a PwC research study which reveals that:
Only 27% of females would consider a career in technology, compared to 62% of males
Only 3% of females say technology is their first choice
Only 16% of the females had technology suggested to them as a potential career, versus 33% of males

Our pledge

  • Work together to generate a lasting increase in the number of females pursuing technology careers
  • Share best practice from our own organisations
All organisations have agreed to sign up to the following actions

Working with schools

Working with schools

  • Collectively working with over 9,000 schools across the UK to educate and inspire pupils and teachers about technology careers.
  • Coordinating our efforts will mean we can reach more schools across the UK and have a far greater impact. Our aim is to develop technology toolkits, which will be available to all UK schools to download from the Tech She Can website.

Supporting social mobility

Supporting social mobility

  • Maximise our impact by aiming to target schools in the Government’s social mobility ‘coldspots’. Coordinating our efforts means we can reach schools right across the country and look to target any harder to reach places.

Creating role models

Creating role models

  • We know that a lack of female role models in technology is putting young girls off from entering the sector. We will work together to celebrate and promote our successful women in tech role models at all levels. Follow #techshecan to find out more and be part of the conversation. We will also provide direct contact to role models via events and schools outreach.

Inclusive access

Inclusive access

  • Ensure inclusive access to technology training and technology roles in their own organisations.
  • Across the signatories we will ensure there is a focus on females in tech in our diversity strategy, review job descriptions and wording and the way we recruit to be more inclusive.

Attract, recruit, retain

Attract, recruit, retain

  • Support the right environment to offer formal work experience programmes or internships via our own organisations to encourage more females to consider technology as a career option.

Sharing best practice

Sharing best practice

  • We commit to meeting regularly to share what works at our organisations and any challenges, so that we can learn from each other.

Who is supporting The Tech She Can Charter?


As a scaling tech SME, we see first-hand the deficit of female tech professionals. We are proud to collaborate with Tech She Can, so we can help tackle this problem at its roots, and contribute to inspiring young girls to pursue education and/or careers in STEM.


As a female founded company, Amble is proud to partner with Tech She Can. We believe that gender should not be a barrier to any industry and that as technology will shape the future, women and girls have just as much right to be leaders in the field.

American Express

American Express strives to be an essential part of our customers’ digital lives, by bringing continuous innovation to our existing offerings, and developing new products and services to meet the emerging needs of customers. Technology drives everything we do, and a diverse work force is critical to our success. We are proud to support the Tech She Can Charter and share the commitment to attract, develop, and retain women in technology roles at all levels.

Alfa Financial Software Ltd

As the leading provider of asset finance software and consultancy services for nearly three decades, Alfa is acutely aware of the lack of gender diversity within the technology industry. We're excited to support the Tech She Can Charter, working collaboratively to inspire young women to pursue a career in technology, and ultimately boost the recruitment, development and retention of female talent in the sector.



As the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management solutions, we understand the importance of women in the workforce. We’re proud to support TechSheCan, by actively engaging young women to realise their fullest potential and educating employers as to the demonstrable value diversity of thoughts creates.

AND Digital

AND Digital is proud to sign up to the Tech She Can Charter. We recognise the importance of diversity in the workplace to bring a variety of lenses to every digital product that we work on. By working together we believe that collectively we can significantly increase the attraction, employment, development and retention of female talent in technology careers at all levels.

Geeky Girl Reality

Geeky Girl Reality enthusiastically supports the Tech She Can Charter and closing the gender gap in tech. Partnering with others who strive for diversity in STEM careers, we aim to share all we learn about the needs of "geeky girls" through our research so we can support young women in STEM careers.



At Girlguiding we dare to do things differently and challenge preconceptions about what girls can and can’t do. By working with Tech She Can we can show girls around the UK that all tech career options are open to them!

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a community dedicated to empowering girls with the confidence, support, network, and technical skills they need to change the world. We are delighted to collaborate with Tech She Can and are looking forward to complementing existing efforts to tackle the gender gap in technology.



Globacap hugely supports the Tech She Can Charter as we believe that collaboration can help make a real difference on gender diversity within the tech industry. As a tech company that is 26% female, we are actively investing in talent to promote a future which inspires young women to enter the tech world without any limitations.


HumanityX is a multidisciplinary support team working in technology and innovation for the peace, justice and humanitarian sectors. We're pleased to be joining Tech She Can to inspire more women into careers in technology.


We support gender diversity with nearly 40% of internal tech roles being held by women. To support this charter we are encouraging our members - ICAEW Chartered Accountants - to help build a sustainable and inclusive tech talent base which will enable us to achieve a world of strong economies.

Makers Academy

Our mission at Makers Academy is to teach as many people as possible to become software engineers and create amazing products using beautiful code. We’re dedicated to making the tech industry much more inclusive and we’re thrilled to be joining Tech She Can to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to increasing diversity in tech.

Mayden Academy

Mayden Academy are committed to helping more women train for rewarding new careers as software developers. We believe that the people who build our world with code should be a true reflection of the society who use it.


At MBDA we recognise that diversity, equality and inclusion strengthen our Company and we are proud to support the Tech She Can Charter. Our award winning early careers programmes have attracted an increasing number of females in recent years. We offer a number of benefits and initiatives that help women within our business enjoy fulfilling and rewarding careers including training, career development and flexible working.


Mimecast is proud to be part of the Tech She Can charter. As a company we actively encourage women into the technology field and through Tech She Can we are one step closer to helping young women to reach their full potential by introducing them to areas of technology that would historically have been male orientated. Through Tech She Can, we can demonstrate our commitment to building and supporting resilient people, communities, and environments.

Mindscape AI Limited

The Tech revolution is relentless. It’s time that diversity in tech kept up. Mindscape Global is proud to support the Tech She Can Initiative with our commitment to creating diverse tech workforces. We believe in ethical, decent and undiscriminating business practices in our solution, with women being an integral part of this.


Missive is a consultancy that works in and around the technology industry and it is our passion to help inspire and motivate individuals to rise to the top of their potential, no matter what their gender. We’re proud to promote Tech She Can and improve the gender balance in tech; an industry that continues to have a monumental impact on our lives both professionally and personally.

RAF100 Logo Horizontal


The RAF is the first military service to open all roles to women. We are delighted to partner with Tech She Can in our centenary year as we continue to inspire women to pursue careers that help us protect our future. Encouraging women to think differently, challenge the norm and be innovative is one of our key missions.



ramsac are proud to have signed the Tech She Can Charter. We are committed to growing and developing a diverse team offering all our people a great career path and collectively benefiting both them and our clients. We know through experience that women in technology and leadership benefits everyone in our business ecosystem.

Rolls Royce

As a leading global industrial technology company Rolls-Royce is hugely dependent upon a diverse & inclusive workforce to pioneer new technology innovations. We are thrilled to be a part of TechSheCan to encourage more females in establishing a career in technology and help them realise their full potential.


Royal Air Force Charitable Trust

The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust is proud to partner with Tech She Can as we are passionate about supporting projects that inspire and encourage young people into careers related to aviation technology. From partnering with Girl Guiding South West to introduce STEM focussed activity badges to funding a variety of engineering and flying scholarships we are invested in supporting this key initiative.

Reading Room

Supporting women and young people in tech is at the core of our diversity and inclusivity initiatives. We are thrilled to be supporting the Tech She Can Charter, a fantastic cause to improve the gender balance in technology. With some wonderful female role models of our own, we are keen to inspire more talented women and transform the gender ratio with other like-minded organisations – let’s do this!



We want our work to mean more - so we set an ambitious target: to help 100m people achieve financial security. Diversity is key to us achieving this. We also want female tech careers to mean more - so we are proud to support the Tech She Can charter to work with organisations in increasing the number of women in technology roles.


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As well as celebrating our females using #techshecan, you can follow our Women in Tech blogs on the Modern Muse website.

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