Tech She Can Charter - video transcript


To tackle the tech gender gap we have formed the Tech She Can group and Charter. Tech She Can is a diverse range of organisations who believe that together we will make a much greater impact to address the root cause of the problem.

Katherine Mathieson, British Science Association

So we’re trying to come together, a whole variety of different kinds of organisations to resolve the issue of the underrepresentation of women.

Lauren Ambrose, Girlguiding

So we know that girls get their stereotypes enforced around the age of four, so we have to work with girls at a very young age to let them know they can actually work in tech.

Sandy Lacey-Abedein, ZPG

As a tech business, we’re really conscious of the fact that we’re really struggling now to find diverse and talented people to join our organisation.

Tanya Laird, Digital Jam

So for us this is a natural collaboration point to work with as many different industries as possible.

Sheridan Ash, PwC

The problem is significant because it’s a societal problem and not one organisation or person can solve it on their own.

Donna Robertson, Modern Muse

I think collaboration is really important, I think there’s a lot of activity happening in silos. And actually by bringing lots of organisations together we can make far more impact and reach far more girls.

Hannah Maundrell,

We need to work together to help women understand the opportunities in tech, this is bigger than one company, we need to work together to show the amazing opportunities that are out there- they simply don’t know exist!


Before this event, I’d been to lots of groups that were just telling me statistics and no action being taken, now that we’ve all joined and united as one group, I know we’re going to make a real difference.

Chelsea Slater, InnovateHer

I would definitely encourage more people to get on board with this pledge, I believe that more of us together can create a bigger impact. There are lots of amazing people doing stuff for women in tech, all over the UK we just need to join forces and inspire the future generations.


To find out more about what we’re trying to achieve, who has signed the Tech She Can charter and how you can get involved please visit our website: #techshecan