Transcript - Women in Technology: Time to close the gender gap

Hello  I’m Sheridan Ash and I lead the women in tech initiative at PwC. 

Unfortunately, despite best efforts, there are still too few women in the UK’s technology workforce. 

We’ve conducted research with over 2,000 female and male A level and university students to understand better why so few females are choosing technology careers and what actions can be taken.

Our research shows that the gender gap in technology starts at school and carries on through every stage of girls’ and women’s lives. 

And it's the early years where career choices are made. Which means it’s also the best time to educate, inspire and excite girls about technology careers. 

So what is putting females off? 

Our research shows there are three key factors at play:

females are not presented with enough information on technology careers at school

females are not encouraged to look at tech as a career option as often as males 

finally, females say tech is too male-dominated and that they can’t see themselves as technologists

These results confirm that female role models play an important part. Only 22% of young people we surveyed can name a famous female working in technology.

It's really important that schools, universities and industry work together to address this. 

Technology is rapidly shaping the world in which we live and work - and women need to be an equal part of that change. 

We’re passionate about changing the ratio in technology. If you want to get involved, find out more at

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