PwC's Virtual Classroom

We’re really excited to bring you the latest instalment of PwC’s Virtual Classroom - a virtual programme open to students between Years 10 and 13*. The programme combines both live and pre-recorded content.  

At PwC, we’re focused on helping you to achieve your full potential. Whether you already have an application in progress with us, or just want to learn more about PwC and enhance your interview and application skills, there’s something for everyone in our Virtual Classroom programme.  

This month our Virtual Classroom sessions will focus on PwC's opportunities and our application process. You’ll also have the chance to engage with a range of PwC ambassadors through the interactive live sessions, whilst having the flexibility to watch and listen to the recorded sessions at a time best suited to you each week. We recognise that you’ll continue to have school or college commitments during the two-week period so we’ve made the virtual programme as flexible as possible.

You’ll see below the times and dates for each of the live sessions - you’ll need to register for each one that you’re interested in attending in advance - please opt in to email notifications in order for us to send you the link to each session you have registered for. If you don’t want to opt into emails from us then please remember to take a note of the link to the session when you register. All live sessions will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Each week we’ll also add new content on our roles and application process to this page that you can watch in your own time between sessions - you’ll have access to these sessions until Monday 15 March.

We’ll also be running a session specifically for parents, carers and teachers.

*(Years 11 to 14 in Northern Ireland and S3 to S6 in Scotland)

Live sessions

You’ll need to pre-register for each session in advance - remember to take a note of the link to the session when you register. See below for the details on session start times. All live sessions will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Thursday 4 March, 4:30pm        Our roles and opportunities and the first two stages of the application process; the online application form and the online behaviour based assessment.

Tuesday 9 March, 4:30pm       
 The final two stages of the PwC selection process; the video interview and the online assessment centre.

Thursday 11 March, 6pm           Parent and Teacher session; PwC's selection process

Pre-recorded content

You’ll be able to watch and listen to the recorded content until Monday 15 March.


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Helpful links and further reading

You may find some of the below links useful to explore before or after each of the relevant sessions.


Helpful links

Pre-recorded sessions:



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