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Join our Contractor community and be part of our extended workforce on a non-permanent basis, working across a wide range of projects.

How we approach our work-life is changing. There’s a rise in people wanting to work in different ways, and at PwC we’re adapting to that change. We’ve recognised that the traditional ways of working may not be right for everyone. We want to continue to secure the best talent while offering the variety, experience and flexibility that suits you. And this is why we have our own contractor community.

As part of our contractor community, you’ll hear about our latest vacancies and be able to own, manage and update your profile, making it easy to stay connected. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your contracting career or searching for your next project, you’ll feel part of a team at PwC. You’ll help shape our business while gaining valuable experience and working on a range of different projects.

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Types of contract career opportunities within PwC

The way that you can contract with PwC UK depends on your role, the project you’re working on or your personal situation. Check out our different contracting options below:

Personal Services Company (Ltd Company)

Many of the contractors we work with operate under their own Personal Services Company. If you’re set up in this way, our Managed Service Provider will make the arrangements and pay you based on the PwC Employment Status Determination applicable to your role. If you’re considering this working arrangement, we recommend you seek advice from an independent accountant to make sure you comply fully with current legislation.


Temporary staff

As a temporary member of staff, we’ll pay you an hourly or daily rate and make tax and National Insurance contributions on your behalf. All temporary contracts are managed by our Managed Service Provider, so your Agency Worker Rights apply.


Fixed-term contract (FTC)

If you’re looking for a more permanent contract arrangement then look at our Flexible careers website for more information.