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The way people work is changing

To attract and retain the top talent in the market we're challenging the stereotypes around traditional working arrangements, offering a range of flexible and contractor opportunities. This will allow people to work in a way that suits them and their personal priorities, while meeting our clients’ high expectations within a challenging service environment.


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Have any questions or concerns about applying? Check out our application support page which includes all the information you need to know about our recruitment process and the skills we look for.

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We support our people and our teams. We help you build a career that’s shaped around who you are and what inspires you to be the best you can be. Check out the range of business areas we work across.

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Our workplace is one of collaboration, teamwork and innovation. But, above all, it’s one that embraces difference. We see your unique differences as a key asset to our community. And, rather than have you blend in, we want to help you unleash your full potential – both personally and professionally.

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PwC recognises that those on short term contracts or contingent workers are not eligible for comprehensive employee benefit schemes that organisations like us offer.  So to support this population, we have made arrangements to make a benefits style package available. 

We’re using a 3rd party organisation to provide a ready made benefits offering to people not eligible for employer benefit schemes. This includes 24/7 GP,  Counselling EAP,  training courses, discounts and much more.  Their offering is available to our fixed term employees with a contract duration of less than 12 months and our contractors.

You can join on a self pay basis for less than a pound a week, to access a service that’s designed to give you access to a number of health, financial and wellbeing focused benefits. This means you gain peace of mind by having a level of cover in place, plus the opportunity to access further benefits and discounted rates.