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Sustainability and Climate Change Consulting

You’ll help clients embed sustainable thinking in their strategies and throughout their organisations

Join us and discover how we drive innovation and preserve our environment during the crucial decade of action.

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Working in Sustainability and Climate Change Consulting as a Graduate

You’ll help clients deliver real impact by making the most of the opportunities for innovation and growth created by a world economy that’s becoming greener and fairer.

Different organisations are at different stages of their sustainability journey and in understanding how they should respond to their most material sustainability issues. We help them balance competing economic, social, environmental and development goals to achieve the best outcomes for them and society as a whole. Our advice goes right to the heart of policy and strategy, addressing everything from the international development policies of major donors to changing regulations and consumer preferences, the security of supply chains and access to scarce resources.

The Sustainability and Climate Change Consulting experience

Our global specialists use a blend of skills, experience and tools, as well as scale and reach, to analyse the issues, shape strategy and deliver practical solutions.You can find out more about the range of issues we work on here.

We also work with Economics Consulting to provide economic analysis and policy advice for public and private sector clients across the world, including government and intergovernmental organisations, think tanks, multinationals and non-government organisations (NGOs). Our policy and economic advice ranges from green growth to climate change and climate smart agriculture, and is particularly focused on how the public and private sectors can work together to deliver more sustainable development.

In Assurance and Reporting, we help companies explain, develop and communicate their position and performance in tackling sustainability issues. We provide advice on processes, systems, controls and internal and external reporting, as well as providing independent assurance around key sustainability-related data and information.

In Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Operations, we’re working with our clients to assess their responses to sustainability-related risks and opportunities to embed consideration of these into their core strategy and business processes.

In Programme Delivery, we work on international development, supporting governments, donor organisations, and NGOs tackling issues from policy development through to public-private partnerships and programme implementation. Our expertise includes poverty alleviation and economic development, women economic empowerment, gender and inclusion, forestry and climate change.

In Strategy Support, whether it’s anticipating changes in markets or in competition, understanding and managing the risks climate change brings or embracing the opportunities offered by renewable energy, we help clients address the issues that will have the greatest impact on their organisations.


Joining as a graduate

A formal qualification is not included in the graduate programme, however, you will be supported and encouraged to take ownership of your personal development, continually learning through feedback from different projects and roles with support for additional professional qualifications possible on a case by case basis. 

We’ll work with you to track your development so you know how you're doing and where you can improve. At this early stage in your career you’ll have access to inspirational leaders and this, coupled with the quality of the training you'll receive, means you'll become a recognised expert in the profession.

To join this programme you’ll need to:

  • Have achieved a 2:1 undergraduate degree in a sustainability-related field (e.g. Physical Geography or Sustainable Engineering)  
  • Or have completed a sustainability-related Masters (e.g. Environmental Science/Economics or Development Studies) 

  • Or be on course to complete a sustainability-related Masters by September 2022

If successful in being made an offer to return as a graduate, you will need to be available to commence full time graduate employment immediately after the internship concludes in Autumn 2022.


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The future of Sustainability and Climate Change consultancy

Technological innovation is disrupting industry and transforming the way things are made, delivered and operated. In parallel, society must urgently adapt to the challenges posed by climate change and resource scarcity.

We work with clients trying to adapt and survive in a new world, with technology companies, and digital natives, wanting to enter new markets and use ‘tech for good’, and with governments to manage this rapidly changing environment.