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My Life Our Deal

My Life Our Deal

Create a career that matters, where your uniqueness and innovation is valued. Be part of something special, as a member of a highly engaged team, we ask you to live our values in all that you do and share knowledge and insights to help make a difference to our people, clients and communities.

We have high expectations and trust you to be agile and curious, and to work hard to support our teams and meet the changing needs of our business. You will be inspired to deliver exceptional value and share our commitment to high quality in everything we do.

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What is the Deal?

We want all of our people to feel empowered to be the best that they can be. Which is why we have ‘The Deal’ - our firmwide Employee Value Proposition. It clearly articulates what a career with PwC really looks and feels like and sets out what you can expect from your experience at the firm, and what you’ll contribute in return, supporting you both professionally and personally.

The Deal recognises that the world of work has changed and that we all have a unique set of skills, circumstances and priorities. It’s built on two-way flexibility and trust, giving our people more freedom to work in a way that works better for them, but also meets the needs of their teams, the wider firm and our clients.


The Deal | Empowered flexibility
We aspire to remain constantly agile with how we work, and core to our Deal framework is our move towards ‘Empowered Flexibility.’ Whilst we’ve long promoted flexible working, Empowered Flexibility reflects how we are working in the new world of work and as part of this we’ve:

Introduced the Empowered working day
This means our people can decide their most effective working pattern, and the times they work on any given day. It's our commitment to empowering our people to work in a way that works best for them, their teams and their clients, as part of a hybrid working approach allowing wellbeing routines such as physical movement and rest and recovery practices to be built in too.

Provided more clarity on where we work
With the expectation that at least 40-60% of time will be spent co-located with colleagues in an office or on a client site, although there will be exceptions. This is based on feedback and recognises the importance of time spent together to learn, collaborate and socialise.

Introduced Summer Working Hours
Introduced summer working hours, giving our people the opportunity to condense working hours in the week and finish at lunchtime on a Friday - or the last working day if you're part time. We continue to review our approach to summer working hours annually to ensure it’s right for our business in any given year.

Introduced International Remote Working
Introduced the opportunity to work internationally for a short period of time each year for reasons such as holidays, visiting friends and family, or perhaps in case of a family emergency. This is subject to meeting the firm's eligibility criteria and approval process, conditions such as having an appropriate right to work for the destination country, as well as passing necessary risk assessments.

Launching flexible public holidays
All our people now have the opportunity to flex two public holidays a year, for personal reasons. All requests must meet business needs and be approved locally.


Ian Elliott

"As we build an environment where we all truly feel empowered to manage our time and our commitments, both professional and personal, it’s crucial that we foster trust, inclusivity and fairness as the key building blocks to shaping the ever changing world of work."

Ian ElliottChief People Officer

The Deal is based on four key pillars:

We’ll support you to create a career that works for you, as part of a team and an environment where you can be you.  We’ll empower you with technology so you have flexibility to manage how, where and when you work. We’ll create a culture that allows you to support the needs of your team and your clients in the most productive way, and means that you can be the best you can be. 

In return we ask that you work as part of a team and live our values everyday to support the needs of our business and our clients. You'll be agile, embracing technology and empowered flexibility to support how, when and where you work, which may be at a client site, one of our offices or your home. At times this may mean longer hours and time spent away from home.

We’ll support you to create a career where you can realise your potential in a culture based upon continuous learning. We will offer exciting career pathways and opportunities to learn everyday whilst working with iconic clients. We’ll provide the opportunity to challenge yourself on milestone development programmes and enjoy unparalleled opportunities for upskilling.

In return we ask that you’ll be curious and agile, with a thirst for learning. You will proactively shape your career and support others to do the same. You’ll request and act on feedback, adopting a growth mindset to continuously develop and upskill yourself in order to remain relevant and trusted to our clients. You utilise the technology and skills you’ve developed to enhance the client experience and drive innovation, and be as effective as you can be.

We’ll support you to create a career where you are part of something special, where we work together and share knowledge to make a real difference to our clients and our communities. You’ll have opportunities to be part of meaningful work that reflects our purpose and inspires you to achieve yours. Together we will achieve net zero in 2030.

In return you’ll be encouraged to work together, share knowledge and insights that foster innovation, drive impact and deliver quality to our clients. You live our values every day, always acting with integrity and in the interest of the whole firm. You speak up for what is right especially when it feels difficult or uncomfortable and you’re willing to challenge the status quo.

We’ll support you to create a career where you’re valued for the uniqueness you bring and celebrate your contribution and impact through meaningful, real time recognition and competitive reward. Our inclusive culture supports an environment where you can thrive, with opportunities for progression and work with an unrivalled breadth of clients,  where you’re empowered to use flexibility in how you work. 

In return you’ll deliver high quality work, demonstrating curiosity and motivation to create greater insight and value to our clients. You’ll use empowered flexibility to support the needs of our business, leading by example and take personal responsibility for the wellbeing of yourself and your team. You’ll value difference and recognise the contribution and impact of those you work with, celebrating individual and team success.