A key part of our purpose is to build trust in society. We provide decision makers with information they can depend on and give investors confidence.

In an ever changing world, there's an increasing focus on the total contribution from businesses to their customers, people, suppliers, community and the wider economy. We provide decision makers with information they can trust and give investors confidence.

In Assurance, we use cutting edge, collaborative technology to provide market leading services to our clients, both in person and virtually. We get right to the heart of business. With a continued demand for better corporate governance, accountability and transparency, we work with organisations to identify and manage their risks to best position them for the future.

What is Assurance?

Assurance is so much more than numbers. From assessing the sustainability of a supply chain, to the carbon footprint of a business, to compliance with their own internal governance policies, we help our clients to better understand their organisations’ culture and performance to help to achieve their true potential.

Our role impacts everyone’s lives and it’s work that really matters. In this constantly evolving environment, Assurance offers you a diverse career working with a wide range of businesses and industries. A career in Assurance gives you opportunity and challenge – we do work longer hours in busy season, and have to be flexible to meet the needs clients - often spending time on site with them.

You’ll also learn to juggle your time to study for your professional chartered accounting qualification. However, you’ll have a lot of support, from your team, people manager and buddy to help you achieve this. It’s the variety and opportunity we offer that allows you to develop a broad range of effective business skills and enables our people to excel across the breadth of work Assurance offers and further on in their careers.

What you'll do

This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Think about all the money coming into and out of a business like a football club or fashion label. Some of it’s easy to account for, like clothing in a warehouse or ticket sales. But how do you decide how much a brand is worth or prove how valuable a player is? And how can you accurately reflect the value of these things in the financial statements?

In Assurance, you’ll work with clients to pin down the financial position of their business and how they can prove that value to the people it matters to, from the internal stakeholders whose interests we’re protecting, to external shareholders like banks and investors.

What you'll gain

An accurate understanding of the health of their finances is important to our clients. It means they can make decisions about what to do next. But it’s also important to the staff who depend on the client for employment, investors who’ve used their hard-earned cash to buy shares in the company, and the government or regulatory organisations whose job it is to make sure companies behave in the right way.

So although Assurance means working with finance and numbers, it’s really about getting a deep understanding of a business, and how it operates from a commercial perspective.

You'll learn and develop the specialist skills our clients look for and value most. This includes studying towards a chartered accountancy qualification. After that, you'll have the option to look for new challenges in others areas of the firm, or you could choose to stay put - whichever suits you best.

What you'll need

While you’ve got to like working with numbers, Assurance is so much more than that. It’s about getting under the skin of an organisation and knowing what makes it tick. If you’ve got an eye for detail, great problem-solving skills, an inquisitive nature, a genuine fascination with all things commercial and are great with people, we think you’ll love working in Assurance.

Be on target or achieved a 2.1 degree in any degree discipline

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