Summer Budget 2015

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his first Conservative Budget announcement to Parliament.

Below is all our commentary, views and analysis of all the key measures, and what it means for business.

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Tax blog

The EU Financial Transaction Tax - Live webcast 3pm today

Wednesday 6 March, 3pm A closer look at the proposed directive and the implications for the global financial services industry On February 14 2013, the provisions of the Financial Transaction... Read more.

New tax and government procurement rules - live webcast today at 3pm

The Government recently announced a proposal aimed at preventing companies and individuals who take part in tax avoidance schemes from being awarded Government contracts. The proposals will apply to all... Read more.

UK/IoM Disclosure Agreement

The UK and Isle of Man governments today published documents outlining how a new disclosure arrangement, known as the Manx Disclosure Facility ('MDF'), between the UK and Isle of Man... Read more.

Kevin Nicholson on giving evidence at the Public Accounts Committee

I was pleased to have the chance to help the PAC. It's important there's open debate on the tax system and the roles of all those who play a part... Read more.