Our wellbeing vision

We aim to create a health - promoting workplace where our people can be themselves and feel and perform at their best, so we can deliver the exceptional service our clients expect. This means being proactive in empowering our people to prioritise their wellbeing and support those around them in doing the same. Using our brand and expertise to drive change across industry, we want to influence the employer wellbeing movement, making a difference for working people and their families.

Creating a health - promoting workplace: our 5 point plan

Driving change towards an inclusive, health - promoting culture.

Influencing our people’s everyday behaviours to enable them to thrive and perform at their best.

Making sure our leaders are accountable and visibly committed to wellbeing.

Embedding wellbeing into working practices across our business.

Measuring the people and business impact of our wellbeing activities.

Be Well, Work Well

Be Well, Work Well is our name for everything we do to help our people stay well, and the support we provide when they need it. Find out more about Be Well, Work Well by watching this short film.

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Be Well, Work Well

Wellbeing-promoting working

We’re committed to creating an environment that enables our people to prioritise their wellbeing and take care of themselves.

  • Our Everyday Flexibility approach: Giving our people have greater flexibility in how, where and when we work
  • Our Flexible Talent Network: Providing people with more formal flexible working arrangements if they need it
  • Reimagining our offices: Creating a variety of innovative and flexible work spaces to meet everyone's needs
  • Our Dress for your Day policy: Encouraging our people to wear what’s most comfortable and appropriate for their work commitments

As well as our central policies and arrangements, we work with each area of our business, supporting them in making changes locally to enable their teams to live and work at their best.

Be Well, Work Well resources

We have a range of resources available to our people to help them stay well and support them when they’re unwell, which include:

Staying fit and healthy

  • Our Habit Bank, highlighting simple actions we can take to enhance our wellbeing
  • Online modules to help us stay mindful of our own wellbeing, recognise signs that others are struggling and provide guidance on listening and supporting colleagues
  • Resilience training
  • Mental health training for people in key roles to enable them to support others
  • Our Wellbeing Champions Network, a group of over 400 volunteers across the country helping to embed our Be Well, Work Well approach within the business

Ensuring the right support is there when needed

  • Career Coaches are there to support people day to day including safeguarding their wellbeing
  • Professional advice and help are available through our healthcare and benefits providers
  • Our Mental Health Help app includes guidance and tips on how to have conversations with colleagues and where to go to for practical help, including in an emergency
  • Our Mental Health Advocates Network is a group of Partners and Directors with experience of mental health problems, who will listen in confidence and without judgement and signpost to the right support

Leading the way

Our wellbeing approach includes tackling topics still not often talked about in the workplace, such as:

Green Light to Talk is our way of encouraging open and honest conversations about mental health and wellbeing, to make them a normal part of our culture and show that we care about our people. Each month we publish stories from our people on their personal experiences of mental health, highlighting the tools and resources available to those who may be struggling, or who want to help others. This is helping us break down the stigma around mental illness.

In 2017 our campaign went nationwide when it was adopted by the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and green ribbons launched across the UK.

Find out more

We’ve been working closely with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the charity Wellbeing of Women to understand more about what menopausal changes mean for people in the workplace. We now have an online ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ guide available to all of our people, offering advice and insights to those experiencing the changes, as well as colleagues, family and friends.

Growing research highlights the impact poor financial wellbeing can have on a person’s health. We’re committed to building our people’s financial awareness and signposting them to information and resources so they can make informed decisions and choices.

Driving change across industry

We’ve been involved with the This Is Me campaign from its initial launch. We recently released a video reflecting our strategic focus on the sometimes ‘harder to reach’ groups within our firm, exploring how mental health challenges play out in different faiths, cultures and communities.

We are active members of this employers’ alliance, alliance, which aims to break down the stigma around mental health in employment, creating a culture of good mental health for workers, sharing best practice and increasing mental health understanding. We helped the alliance set up the Thriving from the Start aimed at supporting people starting work and early in their careers look after their mental wellbeing and get support if needed.

In 2018, we joined forces with the Samaritans and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal to create interactive online learning tools to help train our people, and those from other businesses across the country, to recognise the signs of mental health issues and build confidence in talking to someone who may be struggling. PwC was the first business to trial the tools, click here to find out more.

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