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Execution Managed Services

Delivery. And more

Execution Managed Services is our unique approach to operational delivery

When you need to deliver programmes and projects, or run complex functions, we bring together the skills you need from across PwC to advise, design and execute. Our ability to ‘operate and run’, combined with our business understanding, technical expertise, data and technology capabilities, means we can simplify complex challenges, improve existing operations and processes, execute quickly and effectively. 

Working together, we make your organisation stronger for the long-term, so you achieve results that make the difference.

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EMS helps you deliver

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How we help our clients

Execution Managed Services helps you solve complex problems and get things done. It’s the PwC approach to operational delivery, helping you achieve the results and outcomes that you need, whilst building the capabilities to make your organisation stronger for the long-term.

It combines our experience in solving complex business problems for global organisations with our industry-leading operational delivery teams, processes and capabilities. Together, we can set a vision for creating long-term value, then make it happen - delivering your projects or programmes, or running your complex business-as-usual functions. 

Watch our case study videos to find out more about how we work together to deliver sustained outcomes for our clients.

Our Execution Managed Services

Application Managed Services

Cloud AMS

When you need Quality Assurance support, we provide testing expertise covering strategy, planning, analysis, execution, reporting and construction of automation and performance frameworks.

Testing as a service

We provide test strategy and approach, planning, automation, and performance, through to execution and post-production support to give your stakeholders confidence.

Data and Analytics as a Service

We support you by developing and applying modern data solutions and methods that allow ever more effective ways to harness, understand and leverage this information to deliver actionable insights into your businesses, processes and risks.

Reporting as a Service

We provide an end-to-end managed solution, using best-in-class tools to deliver repeatable and reliable reporting solutions. Our service is sector agnostic, and can be used across in regulatory and non-regulatory environments.


Financial Crime Compliance as a Service

Financial Crime Compliance - KYC and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Conducting business with integrity, navigating through the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, and effectively managing and mitigating the financial crime risks faced by your organisation can absorb significant time, efforts and resources. We help you manage cost and efficiency pressures by providing the best of our experience across people, policy, processes, technology and data. We will deliver your Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Transaction Monitoring, Fraud and Surveillance requirements effectively, while driving enhancements across process excellence, compliance, risk coverage and quality.

Transaction Monitoring - Investigation of alerts

We draw on our financial crime expertise to provide an efficient and consistent approach to your alert investigation and suspicious activity reporting processes.

Compliance & Risk Testing as a Service

Risk & Controls Execution Testing inc SOX Compliance

We can support you with end to end management of testing life cycles and relevant reporting, including first and second line testing functions and SOX Compliance functions.

Supply Chain and Third Party Risk and Resilience

We can run your third party compliance programmes, managing risks including data security, privacy and technology resilience, anti-bribery & corruption and commercial contracting.

Operational Resilience as a managed service

We can run your operational resilience functions and manage regulatory requirements, encompassing business continuity plans, business impact assessments and other testing & monitoring activities.

Internal Audit as a managed service

We provide Internal Audit functions with executional enablement supporting scalable and repeatable test areas.

Customs Intermediary Services

Our service can complete import and export customs declarations for shipments between GB and the EU, between 10-1,000+ declarations per month, as well as offering customs and tax advice related to the movement of goods.



Cyber Managed Services

Managed Cyber Defence

Managed Cyber Defence is a 24x7 Managed Detection and Response service delivering comprehensive security visibility, integrated threat intelligence, 100% security event automation and PwC’s global detection engineering capability, giving you improved threat detection accuracy; reduced response times and reduced Security Operations workload.

eDiscovery Managed Services

Reviewing your electronic data, for matters like litigation, investigations and compliance, is resource intensive. We can partner with you to provide scalable execution and business-wide efficiencies in eDiscovery.

Tax Managed Services

Under a Tax Managed Service we deliver tax compliance and advisory services within a single integrated and technology-enabled delivery model. Typically, the service will include one or more of the following:

  • Compliance and related services to support your business in meeting its obligations;

  • Operational support to your teams for other business as usual tax activities, including those that are upstream or downstream from compliance;

  • Business as usual advisory support to your stakeholders on day to day tax queries to make it easy for them to get timely advice from the right people;

  • Day to day support from one or more members of our Business Partner Team, giving focussed engagement, insights and strategic advisory support. 

Under this integrated approach, everything else we do for you as your tax provider is visible and considered so that our support and advice takes into account all that we are doing for you. You will have visibility across all of the activities we support you on so that you can focus on the most important things whilst knowing that everything else is getting done.


Finance Managed Services

Preparation of annual statutory financial statements

We utilise PwC developed technologies to collaborate and automate processes to collect and validate data, creating a single set of compliance data from which the financial statements can be prepared in a highly automated and cost efficient way. And if the entities require greater technical expertise and a bespoke and flexible approach, we can do that too.

Financial controlling (Consolidation, Management reporting & financial reconciliations)

Utilising your data sources and our technology, we can support through designing and delivering consolidation and management reporting requirements, providing additional insight, as well as meeting stakeholder requirements. We can leverage our technologies to support your key reconciliations, providing you and your stakeholders the confidence in robustness and delivery.

General accounting

Utilising your data sources and our technology to deliver an increasingly automated bookkeeping and management reporting service, whilst our dedicated accounting compliance specialists provide valuable insights on business and accounting matters. Management accounts and other reports are customised for specific reporting needs.

Operational finance (accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank and cash processes)

We can also undertake your core accounting accounting processes if required as part of our managed service.



Workforce Managed Services


We provide UK, global and international services for your domestic and expat payroll, including operations, consulting and remediation.

Pensions administration and reporting

We can work with you on your core pensions administration and reporting activities to support you with the weight of upcoming regulatory changes. Services include digitising documents, cleansing data, payments recalculations and developing pensions dashboards, using our subject matter expertise, operational capabilities and technology.


Corporate Operations as a Service

NewLaw/Legal Business Solutions

We can provide managed legal services, law department consulting, contract review & remediation, legal operations support and managed legal technology.

Commercial and Procurement Services

We provide the provision of burst capacity, mobilisation and build of procurement services, including diagnostics, driving large procurements and running business as usual processes.

Debt Management Operations

With payment holidays ending and an increase in payment defaults triggered by the pandemic, banks and financial institutions are experiencing huge strain on their debt management processes. We help run your debt management operations through both shorter or longer term surge capacity, flexing our resource to meet your needs, together with our subject matter experts in collections and recoveries and our cutting edge analytics and workflow solutions so that you can focus on managing your whole business effectively.

Pre and post deal enablement

Once a deal has been completed, the mechanics of taking control of the business are just as resource-intensive, potentially distracting you from your value creation priorities and core business needs. We support delivery of essential replacement capabilities and services including compliance, change, contracts, customer or finance operations so you can focus on your core capabilities and maximising deal value.

Claims Management

A claims crisis, sudden surge in demand or even a planned transformation of your claims management processes can stretch and challenge resources. We work with you to solve a wide variety of claims management issues (corporate and insurance) across the claims lifecycle. We bring our deep claims expertise and customer-facing knowhow, proven frameworks and cutting edge technology platforms to support you to achieve your strategic objectives while delivering operational excellence.

Complaints/ Customer Contact management

We can support your complex customer complaints and compensastion claims remediation as well as managing business as usual activities such as outreach and complaint handling.

Fund Administration

We deliver outcomes for grants, loans, guarantee and voucher schemes. Quickly, easily and safely. We provide scalable operational support across the full Fund Administration lifecycle - from design & development through to application assessment, award, performance monitoring and evaluation. Operational delivery is enhanced by our cloud based Fund Administration platform and specialist expertise in areas such as customer strategy, monitoring & evaluation, data & analytics, cyber security, post event assurance and counter-fraud.


Transformation as a Service

Change as a Service

With core capabilities in business analysis, project management office, project management and people centred change, we partner with you to mobilise, transform and run your portfolio, programmes and projects successfully.

PMO as a Service

As part of our Change as a Service offering, PMO as a Service is a core capability that we offer. We deploy the right expertise, with the right skills to meet your challenges head on, using a suite of accredited frameworks, tools and techniques. Our breadth and depth of resources allows us to scale up and down to meet your needs as they change over time. All of this is supported by best in class technologies that drive efficiencies and provide game changing insights.


Benefits of Execution Managed Services 

People working together

Building the right team for the project

We combine our business insight with industry leading operational and execution expertise - connecting the dots across PwC to build teams with the best combination of domain expertise and executional skills for any project.

people on a ipad

Creating value, for the long-term

As we work, we’ll help you improve how your operations work. We’ll introduce new technology; better ways of working; and challenge thinking, using our judgement to help you make better decisions. We go beyond ‘getting the job done’ - we leave you stronger, for the long-term.   

Shared risk and shared success

We align our goals with yours, with shared objectives, as one team, together. That might involve commercial arrangements that promote collaboration - and reward solutions that deliver value.

person on laptop

You’re not ‘locked in’

You might stabilise or transform a function and want to take work back in-house. It might make sense for a third party to take over from us. Or you might need us for a short time now, then maybe later down the line. We offer flexible arrangements with ‘breakpoints’ - so you’re always in control.

data on ipad

Technology and data to enhance your operations

Our data experts can help you capture, interpret and use data. And our technology teams can build and implement technology, or introduce best-practice systems into your organisation. 

Ar headset

Plug. Play. Update

We’re ready to respond at short notice. You’ll instantly gain a team of industry, technical and market experts, backed by advanced technology, delivery teams and processes. As our knowledge, insights and capabilities develop - from process to regulation to technology - your team will be automatically updated too.


How EMS helps to solve your most important problems

Rethink Risk

The level of risk you need to manage today would scarcely have been imaginable, even recently. We can help you navigate this uncertainty, changing the way you predict, prepare and respond to risk, giving you confidence to make decisions that make the difference.

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Execution Managed Services in Deals

How do you prioritise your time and resources? Could parts of your business be managed more efficiently and effectively elsewhere, allowing you to focus on core capabilities that drive value for your business?

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Whatever disruption your organisation faces, we’re here to help. Whether you need to refine or completely reinvent what you do, we’ll work with you to unlock the opportunities transformation presents and deliver change that will make a difference to your organisation, your communities and society.

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