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Connectivity and growth

Connectivity and growth – Directions of travel for airport investments.

Building beyond ambition

We asked 130 of our region’s most prominent project owners, developers, contractors advisors, and financiers to tell us their views on their industry. What’s their experience on the ground? How confident are they? Are they seeing more disputes? What are the delivery issues they face? Can they access funding?

Cities of Opportunity

Working with the project economists of Oxford Economics, PwC’s global capital projects and infrastructure team has gone one step further by analysing the Cities data from the perspective of the traditional and social infrastructure needed to make cities work and grow. This study focuses on current infrastructure provision and unmet demand among the cities and forecasts the levels of potential urban infrastructure in each of the 27 locations, showing a number of surprises today as well as great levels of potential growth in the future.

Risk resilience

In the wake of a disaster, entire communities—public officials, business leaders, local residents—have united to “build back better.” In the face of sometimes insurmountable odds, they have found ways to rebuild smarter, stronger, and safer. They are successful because before the disaster struck, they had already laid the groundwork by fortifying their physical, digital, and societal infrastructure in an effort to better mitigate and manage disaster risk.

The “new normal” for airport investment

The “new normal” for airport investment. Airlines and airports today are looking at an uncertain future. This world of uncertainty is the “new normal”. Instead of planning for a new phase of constant straight line growth, sector players will need a strategy for operating within this new set of conditions. We explore the key impacts of the “new normal” and the ideas of how best to cope with its challenges.

Capital Markets: The Rise of Non-Bank Infrastructure Project Finance

There is a growing need for large-scale infrastructure projects around the world. The challenge is finding innovative ways for value-adding infrastructure to be funded and financed in a manner that is sustainable for both governments and infrastructure users.

Global construction 2025

Sponsored by PwC, Global Construction 2025 is the third in a series of major global studies of the construction and engineering industry to be published by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics.

Correcting the course of capital projects

How planning ahead can help capital project owners avoid time and cost overruns down the road.

New realities for construction: The comprehensive spending review

Challenges and opportunities have emerged for construction from the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), here we highlight ways the sector must respond positively.

Selling HS2 - Delivering a return on government's investment

Funding report illustrating the potential proceeds from the sale of High Speed 2 (HS2) rail and key actions to achieve best value.

Investing in Transportation: Doing more with less

A PwC survey of five countries illustrates how transportation investment frameworks can help prioritise projects and measure performance.

Infrastructure investment in the wake of crisis

Our latest Talking Points publication argues for continued investment in infrastructure, despite the global financial crisis.

The impact of the Water White Paper on infrastructure investors

A webcast aimed at infrastructure investors to help them understand how the Water White Paper will impact their investment in water companies.

Gridlines: Why High-Speed Rail?

This online magazine explains the prospects for high-speed rail in a time of fiscal challenges.


This edition of Gridlines takes a pragmatic look at the long-term plans and actions that will be required to move the energy transformation ahead including the role of nuclear power.