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Working in Consulting

You’ll get to work closely with the best in industry, from financial services, government and health to the private sector within the UK and potentially abroad. Our clients might want us to help them enter new markets or address the challenges created by organisational change, ensuring these align to their commercial objectives with broader environmental and social concerns.

The Consulting experience

You’ll typically find yourself working as part of a team of anything from two to 200 people on projects based anywhere from the UK to the USA, Middle East or Africa. You’ll likely spend time with clients (at a combination of their base locations, our offices or working remotely) dealing with issues as they arise, and gaining valuable exposure to different types of projects, both internal and external, across diverse industries. Our client projects are resourced nationally so you can expect to work away from your home office.

You’ll carry out detailed analysis and help make recommendations that change our clients' businesses. This experience, combined with tailored training, an emphasis on continual learning through different projects and the opportunity to work on internal support roles to gain specialist knowledge from within the network, will equip you with the skills to really make a difference. 

Our consultants are able to build relationships quickly, with colleagues and clients in the UK and globally. Commercial awareness will come naturally to you, grasping our clients' issues and being passionate about helping them succeed. 

Flexibility is also key, you’ll need to handle changing priorities and workloads frequently so an ability to adapt is important. 

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Joining as a graduate

There’s more to our people than intellect alone. To thrive in our practice, you'll need to welcome change. And you’ll not only be analytical and numerate, you’ll also be articulate and confident when it comes to saying what you think. An open mind and a strong team ethic are vital too.

You’ll build core skills on a market-leading, structured programme where you'll experience the full range of what we do, across different industries. You’ll start with an inclusive and engaging induction experience which builds the mindset, knowledge, skills, behaviours and confidence required by our Consulting Business today and into the foreseeable future. Our induction will help to build your confidence, as well as your internal networks whilst deepening your understanding of Consulting in the wider business context.  After the training you’ll enter the business, joining over 2,500 of your consulting colleagues working with clients, whilst continuing to develop on our graduate scheme.

We’ll work with you to track your development so you know how you're doing and where you can improve. At this early stage in your career you’ll have access to inspirational leaders and this, coupled with the quality of the training you'll receive, means you'll become a recognised expert in the profession.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work towards the Chartered Management Consultant award, which sets and maintains the highest standards for the management consulting profession and is aligned to "Consulting Excellence"; the MCA 'kite mark' of quality. The award provides a framework that individuals can use to plan their professional development and is formally recognised in the consulting industry. Across five years, you’ll build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you meet the key competencies and behaviours in order to obtain chartership status. We’ll work with you along your journey.

Life in Consulting

We thrive in our collaborative culture. We work shoulder-to-shoulder, in close-knit, high-performing supportive teams, alongside our clients, to deliver value. It’s an approach that reinforces trust and strengthens our reputation for professionalism, but with lots of fun along the way. Our project-based work means we get to know each other well and creates a powerful, inclusive atmosphere, which will give you the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with inspiring people. 

Feedback is important to help nurture our Consultants, providing on the spot support and advice which will help shape future conversations and projects. It’s a key part of our working culture and contributes to not only your personal growth and success, but the quality of your team's output too.

By joining Consulting, you’ll also benefit from our ever growing professional network. If there’s an industry or sector you’re passionate about; whether that’s entertainment, education or healthcare, manufacturing or growing enterprises, we’ll encourage you to use your network to be part of that opportunity. Networking and building relationships is at the core of Consulting and it’s this breath of clients which sets PwC apart. Who knows where your next project might be heading? You will also get the opportunity to specialise in a particular area such as Finance Transformation, Cloud Transformation, Operations Transformation etc.

The future of Consultancy

Our success as a top Consulting practice is down to our people. We invest and empower each and every Consultant throughout their career. We use some of the most advanced technologies to bring together our teams - wherever they are based in the world.

Recent successes include the introduction of PerformPlus. Global teams come together for 15 minutes everyday to talk about individual performance metrics. Those conversations enable them to see clearly if they're on track to deliver the customer success vision. They share their own and others’ successes and are able to raise any issues with the group to help resolve them. Working in this very agile and responsive way, we’re able to influence small behaviours that have big results.

We help our clients navigate the global shifts that are reshaping the world we live in, such as climate change, ESG challenges and technological breakthroughs. We look at, what are the implications for their organisations, industries and wider society, right now and in the future? And how can we support them in responding to these?

We have to reimagine the possible to stay ahead, but to survive and thrive in the digital revolution, we must balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.

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