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Before Applying

Is there a different career progression for apprentices vs graduate joiners?

All routes offer you the same deal. The opportunity to grow as an individual, to meet new people, and build lasting relationships that will stay with you for life.

What is the salary like for an apprentice? Will I earn less as an apprentice?

Initially yes you will earn a lower salary, however once you finish your apprenticeship programme you will be on a competitive salary for the market. If you're performing well you will reach senior positions quicker than graduates, without the university debt.

Do graduates go on better jobs than apprentices?

As an apprentice you won’t get stuck doing the photocopying and making the tea, you’re involved in projects straight away. Our apprentices are engaged in projects and hands-on in client-facing roles.

Will I miss out on the social life you get at uni if I do an apprenticeship?

All new joiners at PwC are supported by many people, including a people manager, career coach and buddy. They will help you to get settled, make new friends, and get to grips with your new working environment. You will be able to join sports teams, diversity networks and other social interest groups, social drinks and parties, team away days, and 6 days of volunteering a year to name but a few.

Will I be the youngest member of the team by a long way?

The average age at PwC is 28!

Will it hinder my career when I leave PwC if I don't have a degree?

PwC is a great place to start your career, and if after you complete your apprenticeship you decide it’s time to move on, having the number one professional firm on your CV will definitely get you noticed. Gaining additional qualifications such as the ACA through your training also give you more relevant experience and credibility to a career in accountancy than any degree.

Will I get promoted slower than a graduate if I join as a school and college leaver?

Progression is based on merit throughout the firm, regardless of entry route.

What is the difference between an apprenticeship, a degree apprenticeship and Flying Start?

A degree apprenticeship is a level 6 apprenticeship, which is a blend of study at university and work placements at PwC. PwC offer Technology and Data Science degree apprenticeship across a range of top universities across the UK. These degree apprenticeships are fully funded and students come out with a degree, an apprenticeship and normally a permanent job offer.

Our Flying Start degree programme, which we offer in accounting and business are similar to degree apprenticeships but do not follow the apprenticeship framework, however they do combine the study at university with paid placements at PwC. The Flying Start Degrees are non funded. Again these are offered at a range or top universities across the country.

An apprenticeship at PwC does not involve studying at university. This is a full time role which will involve you studying towards a professional qualification alongside your level 4 or level 7 apprenticeship. PwC fund all of your qualification and any resources you need to complete it, and you also receive a full time salary as an employee at PwC. We offer apprenticeships in a range of different departments across our UK offices.



What are the opening dates for your new graduate programmes?

Each year some of our roles will open as early as July but the majority open in September. We recommend you keep a regular eye on our careers page and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to see our latest and upcoming vacancies to get your application in early.

Do all of your programmes have deadlines?

No. Some of our roles have deadlines, but most are rolling recruitment.

What are your application deadlines?

Deadlines do apply in some areas so check our business area pages and our application timetable carefully. We advise you aim to get your application in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. For our programmes that have a deadline associated with them, we review applications on an ongoing basis. However, you'll only find out if you have been successful after the deadline has passed, once all applications have been reviewed. We'd encourage you to manage your time, ensuring you complete the online tests assessments before their specific deadline as advertised on the job description.

What are your entry requirements?

Most of our graduate programmes require a 2.1 degree but for some roles we also require some UCAS points. Such as Actuarial. Please check individual job postings for academic requirement.

I don't meet PwC's minimum academic requirements, can I still apply?

We’ll need further information from you so we can consider the impact any extenuating circumstances may have had on your grades.

If my previous application wasn't successful, how long do I have to wait before I can re-apply?

You’ll have to wait 6 months from the date you originally applied, before re-applying. If you try to apply again before this date you will receive an error message. We take any attempts to circumvent this policy very seriously.

Do you accept applications from graduates who require work permits?

Yes we do. We welcome applications from candidates who can switch from a Tier 4 (General) Student visa but there are restrictions to some of our business areas and office locations so please visit our work permits page for more information and to see where restrictions apply.

Do I need a finance and accounting background to apply for PwC?

Not at all, we welcome students from all degree disciplines. It doesn’t matter what degree you’re studying for – in fact most of our business areas accepts students from any disciplines. But you must have a good academic record and be able to show how you’ve used your initiative and team-working skills before and at university.

I graduated a few years ago; can I still apply for a graduate position?

Yes of course, we welcome all students from all backgrounds. What’s important to us is a good academic record and your ability to show us how you’ve used you initiative and team – working skills to align with the PwC Professional.

I’ve applied to a programme but would like to swap to another one, what should I do?

Please call the helpline on 0808 100 1500 if you’d like to request a transfer.

I have extenuating circumstances, how can I let you know when I apply?

Please detail all of your circumstances on your application for our screening team to assess.

I have overseas qualifications, how do I put this on my application form?

When completing your application form, please select the relevant exam type and grade that appear on your exam certificates. Please do not convert your grades to UK equivalents. If you're unable to find your exact exam type / grade combination in the academic achievements dropdown, please select "other" and free-type your exact results. All grades are verified as part of our pre-employment screening process and we take any discrepancies very seriously. If you're unsure how to complete your application form, please contact our student helpline on freephone 0808 100 1500, from outside the UK: +44 (0)1952 568470. 

How do I apply for a school and college leaver role with PwC?

Please apply for our School and College Leaver programmes online on this website. Applications for the Flying Start Degrees in Accounting, Technology and Business are via UCAS.

Will I be able to apply for more than one business area?

You can only submit one application at a time and commitment to your chosen business area is important. If you’re not successful then you can apply again after 6 months from your original application date.

If I've been rejected can I apply again?

You'll need to wait 6 months from your original application date before applying again. When you re-apply, your previous application is disregarded so you have a fresh start.

I'm not sure how many UCAS points I have achieved from my studies?

If you look on the UCAS Website, you can see the conversions for your qualification into UCAS points.

Can I count my AS level grades towards my UCAS tariff?

Unfortunately, you can’t count AS grades towards your UCAS Tariff. Your total points score is taken from up to 3 full A-levels, excluding resits, which are taken in the same sitting (excluding general studies). Where you’ve taken more than 3 full A-levels in a single sitting, we’ll use your highest grades. If you have any extenuating circumstances related to your exam marks, the qualifications you’ve taken or the sequencing of these, you should declare this on your application form and this will be considered as we review your application.

Can I apply for a role when I have taken a resit?

We'll accept applications where modules or papers have been retaken within the same academic year, however we're unable to accept a full subject retake. Your overall first A-Level grade attempt is what you'll need to apply with. If you have any extenuating circumstances related to your exam marks, you should declare this on your application form and this will be considered as we review your application.

Application process

What's the application process and how long does the process take?

Please click here to see our application process. After submitting your application we’ll aim to get back to you within five working days – timings vary between business areas though, so check our website for details.

I'm concerned I won't be in the country for my interview, what shall I do?

Please email with your candidate reference number explaining your situation and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

I have substantial experience/qualifications for the role I applied for. Why do I need to take tests as well?

The assessment tools give us extra information on particular areas like reasoning ability or the quality of your team working skills. It's difficult to assess these skills objectively from other parts of the selection procedure. Each assessment focuses on a specific, job-relevant skill. People who have little experience of a particular job may well be very capable of doing that job, and the test gives them the chance to prove it. All candidates for a role complete the same assessment exercises which means we can compare them fairly and objectively.

Can I fail the tests? And if so, what effect will this have on my chance of getting a role?

It is possible to fail the tests. Before using any assessment tool, we work out what level of achievement indicates that a candidate has the potential to do a specific job successfully. As such, if you fail to meet any of the criteria, at any stage of the recruitment process, your application will not progress any further.

What are your commitments to candidates completing the assessments?

We're committed to the fair and ethical use of assessment tools and provide information to help you understand why and how we use them in our recruitment process. We've also prepared a detailed statement of our commitment to all candidates.

I’m having trouble with my video interview, who can I contact?

Please call our helpline on 0808 100 1500.

When will I hear back about how I’ve done?

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, for our deadline driven roles, the key dates are advertised on our website. For all other roles, you’ll be able to access feedback on your performance at the online stages.

What to do if you get a technical fault?

Please contact our recruitment helpdesk via You’ll need to state your candidate ID and for any game based assessment issues, you’ll need your player key.

Is it possible to have practice psychometric test questions?

If you’re invited to sit our online tests then you’ll also be sent a link to a practice test to complete. You can read more about psychometric testing on our Recruitment at PwC page. You can also visit our Employability Hub to help you prepare.

What can I apply for?

I’m a first year student, what opportunities are available to me?

Please click on the following to find out more:
Office open events - You'll spend a day in one of our offices across the UK, discovering what we do, how, why and where we do it, and who we do it for.
Women in business - During this paid placement, you’ll shadow one of our female leaders as part of a one week experience and gain an insight into the opportunities available at PwC.

I’m a penultimate year student, what opportunities are available to me?

Please click on the following to find out more:
Office open events - You'll spend a day in one of our offices across the UK, discovering what we do, how, why and where we do it, and who we do it for.
Summer internships - Build your skills and confidence by working alongside specialists in your chosen business during the summer. You'll get a real taste of life at the heart of PwC, working alongside graduate trainees and experienced professionals on live and interesting client projects. You’ll be doing real work on real clients so be prepared to get stuck in.
Women in business - During this paid placement, you’ll shadow one of our female leaders as part of a one week experience and gain an insight into the opportunities available at PwC.

I’m a final year student, what opportunities are available to me?

Please click on the following to find out more:
Office open events - You'll spend a day in one of our offices across the UK, discovering what we do, how, why and where we do it, and who we do it for.
Graduate jobs - Be part of the world’s leading professional services network and enjoy the benefits that come with that. We had a wide range of opportunities in Actuarial, Audit, Consulting, Deals, Risk, Tax and Technology.
Women in business - During this paid placement, you’ll shadow one of our female leaders as part of a one week experience and gain an insight into the opportunities available at PwC.

I am in my second year of a four year course. Am I eligible for the programmes suited for first year or penultimate year students?

You can apply to our first year Women in Business roles if you are in your second year of a four year course.

Are all of your programmes open?

You can search for all open roles on our website. Please note that some do have deadlines, and these may have already passed.

Where can I view opportunities in other countries?

Take a look at our Global careers site.

Career processes

Explore your own preferences and learn more about our different business areas. This tool will allow you to identify suitable programmes for your current year of study and interests. You can also visit our Myth Busting page to see if your assumptions of PwC are true. 

This is a game based assessment, you’ll complete a series of behavioural assessments and numerical and abstract reasoning assessments. To help you prepare, remind yourself of the basics of mathematics, with and without using a calculator. Practise calculating percentages, ratios, fractions, currency conversions etc. You can sharpen your logical reasoning ability by doing abstract or shape-based puzzles beforehand. You can also visit our Employability Hub to learn more about these assessments.

This is a video interview where you’ll record your responses under timed conditions. Consider why you want to join PwC and practice by recording yourself and reviewing your performance. Consider how you deliver your response and the structure of your response, is it clear for the reviewer to understand your key points? Find out more on our Career Conversation page.

This is our immersive assessment centre where you’ll be working on a project with a group of people and will be managing your own time. If you are successful in reaching this stage, one of our recruitment team will call you to discuss any queries you might have about the day.

Work experience and events

What work experience opportunities do you offer for students and graduates?

Please visit our programme pages to see all the opportunities we offer. It’s a great way to experience work and life at PwC and gain valuable insight into our business and culture.

As part of my course I want to do a business placement, does PwC offer these?

Yes we do. Get first-hand experience of our business on one of our work placement programmes. You’ll soak up complex business information and you’ll boost your commercial awareness, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence. You'll also develop a genuine understanding of what we do and how we do it and you'll discover whether PwC and the type of work you could take on with us is right for you. Find out more

Will you pay travel to attend your events?

We would reimburse up to £100 in reasonable travel expenses for an assessment day.

Is there a dress code for your events?

We have a dress for your day, dress code. Watch our video to explain this in more detail. Watch now.

We’re looking for sponsorship for our university club or society - how can I contact you?

Take a look at our opportunity challenge page.

Do you offer work experience for school and college leavers?

We only offer work experience through our formal Insight Weeks for Year 12 students (Year 13 in NI and S5 in Scotland). You can find out more on our Insight Weeks page but we do not offer ad-hoc work experience.

I’m interested in work experience but I’m not in Year 12

You do need to be in year 12 for work experience, but we’d welcome you to one of our upcoming events. These are a great opportunity to find out more about PwC.

Can I get you to come into my school? (For Careers Advisors)

We do visit school groups, but this is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please sign up for our Talent Network and email to share more details about your school, the year groups you’d like us to visit and we will then get back to you.

Do you have events where I live/at my school?

Please check our events page to see what events are near you.

Do you have events for parents/teachers?

We do have events for Parents and Teachers. You can find out more about these on our Teacher zone pages. However if you have a specific question, please contact us on

Before joining

Will I be able to meet other people I am joining with before I start?

For some roles there'll be a joining event arranged in your region or business area prior to joining. We also have an application on Facebook where you can chat to other people in the same position as you.

Can I come in to shadow for a day before I start?

There are opportunities for you to come and meet us before you join but this would be dependent on the office or business unit. Your local recruiter will be able to provide further details.

I have accepted an offer to join PwC; can I ask to defer my start date?

At PwC we do consider deferral requests. You will need to submit a strong business case, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are considering a deferral, we would encourage you to apply at a later date that aligns with your intended start date.

You are restricted to one application at a time with student recruitment.

In addition, we’ll only consider one application from you every six months (i.e. 6 months from the date you submitted your previous application).

For these purposes, the definition of an 'application' includes any roles that you have been made an offer for. Therefore if you have been offered / accepted a role, you cannot apply to another vacancy. Please do take the time to check that you're able to make a new application to us now. Our employees act with honesty and integrity so we expect the same from you. If you already work at PwC, please ensure that you have contacted the student recruitment team to discuss your application before you proceed. We take any attempts to circumvent this policy very seriously.


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