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Technology impacts every aspect of our lives, from the way schools and universities educate, how we interact socially, how we store information, how we shop, to how businesses operate.

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Working in Technology, Data and Analytics

In Data and Analytics we help our clients analyse big and complex data sets by linking performance and decision making with data and technology. This could mean driving new growth opportunities, operating more efficiently or identifying and managing risk

Data and analytics is revolutionising business, underpinning decision making and driving innovation. But greater volumes and more detailed data brings new challenges for businesses in converting that data into a more comprehensible and user-friendly format - creating actionable insights and applying these to transform an organisation.

As a graduate we aim to give you a diverse experience during your first three years, in order to gain a wide breadth of knowledge and to better understand the clients you’ll work with. You’ll apply this knowledge while working with leaders of organisations, helping them build trust in their technology infrastructure and build more advanced and streamlined processes. When working on a client site, you may work alongside their data specialists to help them gain a better understanding around their data and work with leaders to build this understanding into decision making.

As the business landscape changes to become more digital, our role becomes essential in giving our clients the confidence to rely on their technology and systems. Everyone is encouraged to adopt new approaches to solving our clients’ problems - whether those drive internal efficiencies or richer insights for clients.

The Technology, Data and Analytics Experience

If you're curious, have an analytical mind and enjoy solving problems in a rigorous and logical manner, then this is the area for you. You’ll be working directly with senior leadership, solving our clients' business problems and helping them generate value, while working alongside leading professionals such as System Specialists, Data Scientists, Enterprise Architects, Programme Managers and our internal Audit teams.

You’ll be offered a wide variety of experiences across our Technology, Data and Analytics team. This might include:

You’ll have opportunities to work across industry sectors and across the UK to collaborate with others on projects requiring technology and data skills.

We also have Data and Analytics opportunities in our Risk and Deals business areas. These roles sit in our Deals Modelling team, Risk Modelling Services and Advanced Risk or Compliance Analytics teams. For more information please visit our Risk or Deals pages.

Joining as a graduate

Alongside our internal training offerings, you’ll gain a blend of commercial, technical, financial and data experiences working with iconic clients across industry sectors. You’ll quickly develop your communication skills and business acumen through interaction with and presentation to a wide range of stakeholders at client sites.

Working in Technology and Data and Analytics you'll have the opportunity to aid your technical development through training and certifications in the key technologies and methodologies that you’ll need to advise your clients. For example, you may find yourself working with COBIT 5, ITIL, Oracle, SAP, or Cloud technologies (e.g. IaaS & PaaS); or you may be engaging with our suite of data analytics/visualisation tools (e.g. Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview). Our people build key skills across IT controls and data science and visualisation. You’ll develop a strong analytical mindset, alongside wider project management skills. 

You'll need to have or be on course to pass an undergraduate degree in any subject. We determine whether you're on course to pass based on the grades you achieved in your last completed year of academic study. The subject of your degree is not important; however, you'll need to demonstrate a passion for a career in technology and how organisations use it.

Life in Technology, Data and Analytics

We are a people focused team bringing together a range of technology and data specialists - our teams use innovative and cutting-edge technology and data solutions to solve our clients’ problems.

We want our people to have a broad range of experience. When you join our team as a graduate, you’ll join our first three years group led by one of our Partners. This is designed to help you focus on your development, ensuring you get a range of experiences across all of our services and offerings before deciding how you would like to further develop specific skills.

We work in a fast-paced and agile environment, using a range of established and emerging technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our data scientists develop cutting-edge and innovative solutions to provide value to our clients in ways never thought possible using traditional techniques.

The Future of Technology, Data and Analytics

Our Technology, Data and Analytics business recognises our ability to work together to solve important problems for our clients. It also combines our skills to help us accelerate innovation by designing new services for our clients and using new technology.

We’re investing in innovation within our business and looking for all our team to develop skills such as advanced analytics in order to help our clients. We have an innovation group within our business who focus on integrating new technology, such as Robotic Process Automation into the services we offer to our clients. As you develop your career with us, you will work alongside our innovation team to gain experience of the work we do.

We work across industry sectors within Technology, Data and Analytics with a strong focus on each of Financial Services, Commercial organisations and Government. Our ambition is to grow the services we offer to clients across all of these sectors in the coming years.

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