Our Purpose, Values and Culture

Our purpose is why we exist. Our values define how we behave. Our culture reflects who we are.

In order to be the leading professional services firm it's important we have the right values, culture and behaviours embedded throughout our organisation, so our work reflects our purpose and we can successfully deliver our strategy.

Our values set the expectations for the way we interact with each other, our clients, and in the communities in which we operate. These values, and the behaviours that they require from us, are relevant to all our people regardless of grade.

They support a culture that empowers our people to be the best they can be, through challenging experiences and encouraging our people to speak up to make the firm a better place. We want all our people to understand and embrace the culture and personally feel part of the legacy this will create for our future employees.

Our purpose

We’re a hugely diverse business, bound together by our purpose - to build trust in society and solve important problems for our clients and the communities in which we operate. We believe we can make the biggest impact when our purpose is embedded within everything we do.

In an evolving business environment, our purpose guides how we contribute to society, and how our business decisions can contribute to greater trust. It guides our decisions and shapes our conversations. It’s through the commitment to our purpose that we do meaningful work that makes a difference to our clients, our people and our society.

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“Keeping our purpose front of mind helps us to learn from our experiences and to get better at what we do.”

Kevin Ellis, Senior Partner, PwC UK

Our values

While we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our values are what we have in common. They capture our shared aspirations and expectations, and guide how we make decisions and treat others.

Our values hold us accountable to be the best we can be, to act with integrity and to take personal responsibility for our actions. The work that we do makes a difference and through working together we can reimagine the possible. They guide how we work with and care for our clients, our communities and each other. 

Act with integrity

We expect and deliver the highest quality outcomes, speak up for what’s right, even in difficult situations, and make decisions as if our personal reputation is at stake.

Make a difference

We stay informed and respond with agility to the ever-changing business environment in which we operate—always looking to create a positive impact on our colleagues, clients and society.


We aim to understand every individual and what matters to them, recognising each person’s value and contribution, while enabling them to grow in a way that brings out their best.

Work together

We collaborate, share ideas and integrate a diverse range of perspectives to improve ourselves and others.

Reimagine the possible

We empower innovation and challenge the status quo by keeping an open mind to the possibilities in every idea.

Our culture

Our values, and the behaviours they require, allow us to create our culture together, and is what drives us every day.

Our culture is one of inclusivity and care, where we respect each other and our differences. It’s one that supports collaboration, teamwork and innovation and one that embraces difference. We support everyone having a voice and feeling empowered to challenge the status quo, bringing new ideas to the table. 

Together we create an environment where our people can bring their authentic selves to work, one where everyone feels welcome, safe and secure and where they are empowered to be the best they can be. 

Empowering people and communities

The PwC Foundation was formed to promote social inclusion and sustainable development in the UK.

Social enterprise has been a key part of our purpose for many years.

Every year we host an annual firmwide fundraising and volunteering event.

We ensure that our recruitment processes promote social mobility and enable access for all.

A set of lesson packs designed to inspire our future workforce to be curious about a career in tech.

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