The Fire Station

Our social enterprise hub, the Fire Station in London, opened in 2011 and for over 12 years has housed a complementary group of inspired organisations working collaboratively to advance social and environmental change. Social Enterprise UK and the School for Social Entrepreneurs were based in the Fire Station until 2023 and although have now moved to different premises, we continue to collaborate and work closely with both organisations as strategic partners.

Brigade Bar & Kitchen

Brigade Bar + Kitchen

The ground floor of the Fire Station is home to Brigade Bar + Kitchen, a lively social enterprise bar and brasserie in the heart of London. It’s a unique restaurant, built with a social purpose in mind. Alongside the food and drink that it serves, Brigade provides opportunities in the food industry for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Brigade works together with The Beyond Food Foundation – a charity providing life-changing opportunities to individuals whose lives have unravelled, and people who need vital support and inspiration to grab hold of their life, regardless of their current or past circumstances.

Beyond Food

Beyond Food use food to remove barriers that inhibit individuals from securing financial independence, freedom from isolation, and confidence to build better futures. Food plays a crucial role in helping people to live healthier lives, stand on their own two feet, and understand healthy life choices – both physically and mentally.

Learning life skills such as cooking provides the building blocks to create a life with purpose. Beyond Food supports & coaches individuals whose lives have unravelled, for whatever reason, people often need reconnection, inspiration, and encouragement to enable them to aspire to meaningful employment or simply to continue on a positive pathway.

Using Brigade Bar + Kitchen as an ecolab for beneficiaries to secure hands-on training and support, enables the charity to stay close to their learning and progression and immediately address the persistent barriers to work progression.

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Maggie Robb

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