Our purpose

Our purpose focuses on how we contribute to society, and how our business decisions can contribute to greater trust and solving important problems.

Our responsible business framework

We’re a hugely diverse business, but what binds everything we do is our purpose - to build trust in society and solve important problems. It sums up our role beyond generating profit, to how we contribute to society more broadly.

“Keeping our purpose front of mind helps us to learn from our experiences and to get better at what we do.”

Kevin Ellis, Senior Partner, PwC UK

Our focus areas

We focus on outcomes in the key areas where we feel we can make a positive impact on society.

Our short film explains how our purpose leads us to focus above all on the important, and interrelated, problems of climate change and inequality.

We do this through the work we do with our clients, and how we run our core operations, our supply chain and our community engagement activities.

These outcomes also relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so we can contribute to tackling the important problems that governments around the world have prioritised.

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Our purpose: more than just a statement

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Working with purpose

Our purpose is rooted in what the firm was founded to do - to build trust between a company and its stakeholders, helping capital markets and the economy to function.

We address many important problems for clients, their markets and broader society.

And we use our research and thought capital to give our perspectives on the future world of work.

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Empowering people and communities

The way we work is changing, so we’re empowering our people with digital skills to be equipped for the future of work at the same time helping to build the UK’s technology talent pipeline.

The demands of the new era are reflected in our approach to wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and working to reduce inequality by promoting social inclusion - throughout the firm and in the communities that we work with, through sharing our skills.

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Becoming a Net Zero Business

At PwC, we've had a long-standing programme to tackle our environmental impacts. In fact, we're really proud that over the last thirteen years, we've decoupled our carbon emissions from our revenue growth, reducing our total footprint by 60% - exceeding that set out in the Paris Agreement.

But, science shows that there is an urgent need to go further. We must now all play our part in decarbonising the global economy if we are to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown. That's why, in 2020, we made a new commitment. We revised our baseline to 2019, and have set a new ambition of 'Net Zero by 2030'.

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Being a fair and trusted business

Trust is central to our business. We’re committed to earning our reputation by being transparent in the way we operate, promoting the highest standards in ethics and integrity, having effective governance, and protecting information.

This includes how we pay our people and suppliers, and also setting standards in our supply chain - including action to uphold human rights.

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Purposeful, responsible technology

Technology is central to our commercial strategy, both as an enabler for our business, and for our work with clients. The digital revolution can be a powerful force for good, but some technological advances could have unintended consequences, accelerating risks to society and the environment if they’re not designed and scaled in a smart and sustainable way.

So, we’re adopting a ‘responsible technology’ approach which aims to maximise the positive impacts whilst minimising the negative ones, in our own business and in our client work. This underpins our Intelligent Digital work.

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“Guided by our purpose, we're helping to turn business commitments into real action on climate change and inequality.”

Sarah MooreHead of Purpose


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