Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

At PwC, we combine human ingenuity with technology and data to help our clients create commercial and societal value and turn their Environmental, Social and Governance ambitions into action.

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ESG at PwC

Alongside the responsibility imperative, Net Zero is an economic opportunity that drives growth. The challenges we face are complex and urgent, and greater pressure calls for a better approach to ESG issues. By combining human ingenuity and experience with technology and data, we create both commercial and societal value. This is how we’re moving our clients from ambition to action.

Getting the numbers right is central to how we’ve always worked. We’re applying this same rigour to new challenges: from net zero transformation to sustainability reporting. Our skills, powered by technology, enable our clients to make data-driven decisions, quickly, and deliver positive change they can prove. This is crucial as we’re reaching a tipping point: being too slow to act will cost organisations more than changing the way they operate.

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Our ESG internships are split across two of our lines of service:

  • Risk
  • Deals

Working in Sustainability Risk

At PwC, working in Sustainability is an opportunity to have a purposeful career to positively contribute to some of the most pressing problems of our time by helping to reshape the whole economy and the society in which we live.

In Risk, we do this by helping organisations transform sustainably in a number of ways: we’re helping our clients to build trust in the climate transition by building credibility of non-financial and climate reporting. We’re helping clients to transform sustainably, ensuring their transition to Net Zero is fair. We’re also preparing our own business to meet the challenge and sharing this story with our clients.

Our Sustainability Risk practice is market-leading with over 20 years’ experience in leading and transforming clients’ approaches to sustainability.

Our Sustainability services are focussed on six key areas:

  • Define sustainability strategy - we partner with our clients to help them define their ESG strategy, tying it together with their commercial strategy to create a strong, sustainable strategy which is commercially robust.
  • Transform to Net Zero - we help our clients establish their baseline, define their targets and set a strategy to re-imagine their organisation, combining our deep expertise with technology to deliver net zero in a way that is responsible and achievable.
  • Report on progress - we help our clients put in the right systems, report on progress and get ahead of regulation to turn sustainability reporting into a source of value creation, rather than compliance.
  • Assess impact - we support our clients in identifying, measuring and assessing the materiality of their impact across all stages of the value chain - from carbon emissions, water and waste and diversity and inclusion through to modern slavery and child labour.
  • Protect nature - our world’s biodiversity is threatened, and because more than half of the world’s total GDP is dependent on nature, businesses today face many risks. We help organisations understand their dependencies and impact on nature across their value chain, and help them shape nature-positive strategies.
  • Turn data into insights - we use a suite of services and cutting edge analytics to help our clients collect data, report effectively and evaluate insights to make better sustainability-related decisions. 

Working in ESG in PwC you’ll maximise the opportunities to change and create value at speed, for our clients and our communities with the care and imagination it takes to lead for the future. Together we can build good business for a stronger world.

Working in ESG Deals

ESG offers the opportunity of a generation to invest in the future by looking differently at our markets, business strategy, investments and assets. 

To succeed, our clients now need to put ESG front of mind so they're in the best position to identify and maximise new investment opportunities, access capital, restructure or divest the old and effectively manage investment risks.

Our goal is to help our clients create truly sustainable value, bringing together the expertise, innovative thinking and cross industry insight they need to succeed, whether we are working with governments, corporates, lenders, start ups or funds. 

We have a focus on four key areas:

  • ESG Deals Strategy and Execution - we help our clients to identify and access new investment opportunities, divest the old, access the most competitive capital and/or quantify the ESG impact on business value.
  • Sustainable Investing and Financing - we help our clients to identify and access new investment opportunities, divest the old, access the most competitive capital and/or quantify the ESG impact on business value.
  • Real Assets - we help clients to structure, finance and deliver the new infrastructure needed to transition to Net Zero.
  • ESG Intelligence, Investigations and Restructuring - we support our clients with ESG intelligence and insight. We bring the expertise and experience to help clients remediate or restructure rapidly; whether that's due to issues relating to ESG fraud, greenwashing or the impact of climate change on their business.


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