Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

From Ambition to Action

Delivering sustainable growth that creates both commercial and societal value

The need to turn sustainability ambition into action has never been more urgent. From meeting net zero targets to upholding human rights, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are driving organisations to rethink their strategy and transform their business model to unlock new opportunities.

Sustainability cuts through every part of an organisation, from strategy and operations through to robust reporting that stands up to scrutiny. Making your actions count takes a cross-functional effort: sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, whether it’s in your job title or not.

We recognise the scale of these challenges, but they are not insurmountable. At PwC, we’ve made a clear commitment to sustainability ourselves and we regularly convene sustainability leaders. By sharing knowledge we aim to help everyone move further, faster.

We bring together the right technology and the right skills to help you to make data-driven decisions and deliver positive change you can prove. Getting the numbers right is central to how we’ve always worked. We’re applying this same rigour to new challenges - enabling you to move from ambition to action and deliver sustainable outcomes.

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We can help you to:

Accelerate your journey to net zero

Making real progress towards net zero goals is going to need business transformation. We are a recognised global leader in sustainability, and bring together the right people with the right technology to help organisations move their net zero plans from ambition to action. As the UK’s largest sustainability practice, we have a 15 year heritage and a team that spans the breadth and depth of our organisation, including our global Centre for Nature Positive Business, expertise in circularity and global experience on energy transition. By taking a comprehensive approach to net zero transformation, we unlock future opportunities to ensure your response to climate challenges is authentic, informed and aligned with commercial imperatives.

Deliver robust ESG reporting

Sound reporting underpins all aspects of ESG — we’re known as trusted advisors because of our robust numbers. Without this, there is no way of assessing or benchmarking progress. Regulation is increasing and stakeholders require on-demand access to reliable ESG metrics. Going beyond compliance with a strategic tech-powered and data-driven approach to sustainability reporting can be a catalyst for business transformation and critical change. Whether you need support on TCFD analysis, CSRD preparedness, government regulation, or gender pay gap reporting, we can help. You’ll emerge more responsive to risk and opportunity, more attractive to investors and more trusted within your market.

Address the social implications of sustainability

Organisations need radically different operating models to power a low-carbon economy. Done well, the transition can create huge opportunities. But, without care, it could come at a social and human cost. It’s vital to make sure that the opportunities and benefits of change are shared widely - including factors such as the impact on employment and living wage; ensuring diversity and inclusion; and considering the human rights impacts across supply chains. Drawing on our deep cross-sector experience and using cutting-edge tech solutions, we help you embed improved business practices that also build resilience across society.

Position ESG as a driver of growth

ESG issues and the transition to net zero are now transforming industries, directing the flow of both public and private capital and opening up new opportunities in climate tech and sustainable finance. PwC research finds that three-quarters of senior leaders (72%) are likely to use transactions to help meet net zero commitments in the near future, while 43% of business transformation projects in the UK are driven by net zero. Organisations need to generate returns here and now, but also create sustainable value for the future. This kind of value is much more than financial. It’s about regenerating environments; creating fairer, more equitable societies; and building greater trust between people, businesses, investors and governments. All organisations require a stable planet and society to thrive, so this is crucial. The strategic imperative to embrace sustainability is clear. Delaying transformation will cost more in the long-run.

Analyst and industry recognition


PwC named a Global Leader in ESG and Sustainability Consulting by Verdantix
We hold the Platinum rating in EcoVadis’ supplier assessment, scoring in the top 1% of respondents. EcoVadis is a global sustainability platform which rates our performance as a responsible business in areas covering environment, labour practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Client stories

Baker Hughes

Delivering effective ESG transformation for our clients

Baker Hughes turned to PwC to help develop and implement a business strategy, and assist with risk identification, reporting and operational cost reductions. A carbon out programme has also facilitated 600 projects to realise carbon reduction.

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Phoenix Group

Tackling climate risks to ensure long-term sustainability

Phoenix Group needed to improve ESG reporting to support climate disclosure, comply with regulations, assess risk and understand the environmental impact of its investment portfolio. This reporting would help the company fully integrate sustainability into its operations, take action on climate risks and make more informed investment decisions.

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How Grainger is calculating the true cost of decarbonisation to achieve climate credibility

Supporting Grainger achieve net zero by 2030 and setting science-based reduction targets for emissions, including scope 3 customer and development emissions

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