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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Helping you create sustainable value to meet your ESG goals

Together we can build good business for a stronger world

This is the decade for action. At PwC our ambition is to build trust in the climate transition and help you create sustainable value to meet your ESG goals. We will do this by helping your organisation transform sustainably; build the credibility of reporting; invest for the future; and support your people through a fair transition.

We’re also making sure our own business is ready to meet the challenge, too.

Our purpose in action

Four connected opportunities to create significant, sustained value

Enabling the transformation by defining and implementing strategies that create radical and responsible change.

Making the transition to a more environmentally and socially responsible world is now an urgent business imperative. And it provides an opportunity to achieve long-term sustained outcomes, and create sustainable value.

This is a big complex change.  And the organisations that get it right won’t just thrive today - they’ll be truly sustainable well into the future.

We’ll help you define your strategy and deliver transformational change.

Explore 'The Pathway to Net Zero'

Investment that generates returns today and delivers sustainable value for the future

Today, organisations need to be invested in ways that not only generate returns here and now, but also create sustainable value for the future. ESG offers the opportunity of a generation to invest in the future by looking differently at the market, business strategy, investments and assets. 

We’ll help you embed E, S & G factors into each stage of your investment process, from initial strategy to post-deal execution, helping you protect, preserve and create value.

Building the credibility of climate and non-financial reporting and creating trust in business through greater transparency and accountability

In a world where ESG is a significant source of potential value, reporting is fundamental to success. Organisations are increasingly stepping up to make bold commitments. Investors are looking to manage new risks and finance new solutions. Wider stakeholders are looking for confidence that the organisations they do business with are both responsible and profitable. 

We help make sure the reporting that underpins all this is robust, credible and transparent, so everybody can be confident in the transformation.

Making sure we create opportunities for all and share the benefits of a more responsible world

The transition to the new operating models that will power a low-carbon economy and reduce the impact of climate change calls for radically different ways of working - and needs to happen fast. Done well, this transition can create huge opportunities. But, without care, it could come at a social and human cost. Fairness must be central to any transformation.

We help you create the green jobs that will power your transformation and magnify your impact through your workforce.  

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