Fast growth companies programme stage 4 – Exit

Where are you now?

It's a success! You have grown a business that has a proven track record of growth in revenues and, perhaps, profitability. You have looked at acquisitions to further grow the businesses, you may have diversified and have several different business lines, but the time has now come for you to take a step back from either the ownership, or the day to day management of the business, or even both. You may be thinking of one of the following:

  • IPO
  • Sale
  • Succession

What are your challenges?

Some challenges apply whatever path your exit takes:

  • Managing the relationships with your investors, employees, customers and suppliers through a period of change;
  • Continuing to maintain business performance, even where there are other drains on your time;
  • Deciding how much involvement you will continue to have in the business;
  • Ensuring you have accurate, robust and timely management information for your successors, investors, or buyers;

How we can help

Whatever your exit route, we can work alongside you by drawing on a range of specialists within the firm to assist at each step of the exit process, but maintaining your core relationship team.

  • Our corporate finance specialists can assist in positioning the business for sale, finding potential buyers and advice on negotiations.
  • Our transaction support team can provide due diligence services.
  • The tax teams work with businesses to ensure that the exit is managed properly for tax purposes and the owners and employees tax affairs are dealt with in an efficient and understandable manner.
  • Our accounting and capital markets team can help you start preparing for an IPO as early as is necessary, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining the success of the business.
  • Our legal team can provide a full range of legal services in respect of transactions, investments and refinancing.

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