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Award winning Wigan-based Reach and Rescue, designs and manufactures long reach telescopic poles and other associated equipment for use in rescue missions. We speak to business partner, Jo Taylor, about her products which save lives across the globe as part of our ‘5 days of disruption’ campaign.

In Great Britain alone, 600 people drown each year. Across the globe, 42 people drown each hour. Every day, emergency services are called upon to help save lives when people struggle to keep afloat in water.

Jo Taylor, business partner at Reach and Rescue, and her team recognised emergency and rescue services were missing a vital component in their water rescue procedure. The traditional water rescue tools - throwline or lifebuoy - have many restrictions to them ie the tools need calm weather, good visibility, contact practice of operator or requires the casualty to be in a comfortable, strong condition and conscious to grab the line, and that isn’t always the case.

The company was established eight years ago when firefighters realised they were missing a vital component in their water rescue procedure, and they needed an innovative solution. They needed a solution to keep rescuers safe whilst still achieving a successful water rescue.

With knowledge of telescopic systems, Reach and Rescue created their innovative and revolutionary lifesaving product. Saving both the casualties life and stopping the rescuer entering the water and risking their life.

The product has been tried and tested by firefighters to ensure that it meets their challenging needs and is continuously being developed and improved to ensure that the innovation continues to save lives. Since the creation of the original product, more than twenty attachments have been innovated and developed for the pole. Each iteration has enabled many sectors to use it to save lives, both human and animal, and Reach and Rescue now see an increased range of application; from underwater inspection to assisting with fall arrest.

Reach and Rescue now export their product to over 46 countries worldwide. 80% of the UK Fire and Emergency services are using their pole. Jo and the team were also recently named ‘product innovation’ and ‘overall’ winner at the North West Venturefest Innovation Showcase 2018.

Jo Taylor, business partner at Reach and Rescue Limited:

“Our product may look simple and basic, and in many ways it is. Rescue services should have had this equipment many years ago. It took our team at Reach and Rescue many hours of designing, field-testing, and tweaking to get to where we are now. We’re always improving and innovating on top of the original product – and the feedback we get from customers all over the globe is vital to stimulate improvements.

“I’m always inspired to see disruption and examples of innovation from other sectors. The people we work with tell us that we’ve disrupted and reimagined the way water rescues are now carried out. Unlike a lot of businesses, we’re measured and judged on the ability to save lives, not just of the casualties but the rescuers and firefighters who put their lives at risk every day for us. Our users all over the world tell us that they save dozens of lives a year, and many animals have been rescued too.

“Innovation is at the core of our business, and we’re all incredibly proud of the positive impact our ‘disruptive’ product is having on society.”

Click here to view Reach and Rescue’s clip demonstrating their telescopic system in action.

Jo Taylor
Business Partner
Reach and Rescue Ltd

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