Diversity in food and grocery

Why diversity and inclusion should be a priority


Why diversity and inclusion should be at the top of your strategic agenda

Diversity and inclusion is a crucial issue for any business, but particularly those that are customer-facing.

While grocery compares favourably on diversity issues like the gender pay gap, it lags behind other industries on diversity of leadership, business strategy and targets. With many in the sector still valuing customer choice and satisfaction above diversity and inclusion, the industry is in danger of becoming complacent.

Diversity and inclusion should not be just “nice-to-have”. Diverse teams in the food and grocery sector often see boosted market share, better relationships with customers and more positive reputations.

84% of food and grocery companies think they are better than five years ago on diversity and inclusion, but fewer than half have a coordinated strategy.

What have we done to help?

We’ve teamed up with IGD and MBS Group to review diversity and inclusion in the food and grocery sectors in the UK. Diversity in food and grocery uses contribution, insight and expectations from sector leaders to answer:

  • How have businesses progressed on diversity and inclusion?
  • What more can business do to improve diversity and inclusion?
  • Are diversity and inclusion business-critical?
  • What are the obstacles to progress?
  • How can businesses benefit from diversity and inclusion?

Our survey of suppliers and retail groups shows where businesses are moving forward, what needs to be done to make diversity and inclusion a reality for customers and employees and, crucially, how to speed up progress. We also look at some diversity and inclusion trends in the sector and analyse where businesses can further break down barriers.

On gender, an average of 27.6% of Board roles are occupied by women. At Executive Committee level this drops to 22.2%, while 35.9% of Direct Reports (into the Executive Committee) are women.

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