What is Responsible Enterprise AI?

How to implement AI solutions and have trust in their outputs.

AI will soon touch all of our lives, deeply. Organisations must wield AI’s power with care, so they—and their stakeholders—can trust it as it transforms our world.

Exploit Opportunities. Reduce risks. Increase trust.

How will AI impact my organisation? What AI use cases are known to provide benefits? How do we manage risk to the enterprise when machines make business-critical decisions? How do we avoid biases in the way the AI algorithms make decisions? If AI programs are too complex for any human to understand, how can we rely on its output?  How can we build more explainable AI? Will AI increase inequality?

Such questions about AI’s impact will grow in importance as AI spreads. They all have the same answer: responsible enterprise AI, which integrates risk mitigation and ethical concerns from the start to exploit the high value AI use cases.

Responsible Enterprise AI uses explainable AI, so algorithms are transparent or at least auditable. It builds a control framework to catch problems before they start. It deploys teams and processes to spot bias in data and models, and to monitor ways malicious actors could “trick” algorithms. It considers AI’s impact on privacy, human rights, employment, and the environment. Leaders in responsible enterprise AI also participate in public-private partnerships and self-regulatory organisations, to help define standards worldwide.

The biggest benefit of responsible enterprise AI is priceless: your trust in your own AI and your stakeholders’ trust in you.

How we can help

PwC is a leader in responsible enterprise AI through our own use and our work with businesses, governments, and global associations. We support organisations as they

  • open the “black box” to make AI explainable

  • build a comprehensive AI maturity model

  • embed governance and controls to catch bias and other flaws

  • align organisational policies with emerging global standards

  • implement clear policies on data privacy, decision rights, and transparency

  • develop communications practices to explain AI-related decisions

  • design AI for Good that considers social, environmental, and financial outcomes

AI is too powerful to get wrong. PwC can help organisations use it to build a sustainable future for their stakeholders and for the world that we all share.

Aldous Birchall

FS AI lead/ Responsible AI co-lead, PwC UK

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Chris Oxborough

Chris Oxborough

Global Emerging Tech Risk Assurance Leader/Responsible AI co-lead, PwC UK

Tel: +44 (0)207 212 4195