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The future of work

Intelligent Digital is here

Automation, AI, the need for lifelong learning: everything we know about employment is changing.

Revolutionise the world of work

How can organisations prepare for a future that few of us can define? It might be the age of the machine but getting the human element right is key. How can you attract, keep and motivate the talent you need?

In a world of digitisation, it’s the ability to balance creativity, diversity and active engagement with customers and your workforce as they continue to evolve.

PwC can help you build a people strategy that’s fit for a very different future. 

Women in Tech

Why are there so few women in tech?

Research suggests that only 27% of female students would consider a career in technology… And only 3% said it’s their first choice.

We’re told the tech industry offers rewarding careers and inspiring working environments. But it’s clear one key factor is holding it back: Diversity.

At PwC, we’re balancing business understanding with technology innovation and human insight, to help solve this important problem.

We’re using the power of Intelligent Digital to see beyond the technology gender gap, to a world where women play an equal part in creating our future.

Our Women in Tech programme and technology degree are changing the ground rules, making tech a more attractive, inclusive working environment for all. Together, we’re inspiring women to thrive.

Intelligent Digital is here
Inspiring women to thrive in technology careers
Intelligent Digital sees beyond the technology gender gap, to a world where women play an equal part in creating our future.

See how we can help you

Building an agile workforce for the future

As more tasks become automated through AI and sophisticated algorithms, jobs are being redefined and re-categorised. We work with you to build an agile culture and skillset needed for humans and machines to work in harmony.

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Getting ready for robot workers and AI

We help you to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the future of work, ensuring you have the right technology so your people and organisation can work at their peak.

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Identifying people risk as workforces transform

We help you to deal with any potential people risks as you transform your workforce to include automation, ‘gig’ talent and other working structures. 

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Managing a workforce for the digital age

Attracting, retaining and developing a productive workforce for the digital age is key for competitive advantage. We help you to maximise the way your people work throughout the employee lifecycle.

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