Virtual reality is evolving

It’s not about video games anymore. Along with augmented reality, virtual reality is having a significant impact on businesses across all sectors.


How VR and AR are transforming business and the economy

Our new 'Seeing is believing' report explores how virtual reality and augmented reality may add £1.4 trillion to the global economy by 2030 as well as the benefits it may bring to industries including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, retail and training and development.

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Virtual reality (VR)

Immerses users in a fully digital environment through a headset or surrounding display. This environment can be computer-generated or filmed in 360 degree video.

Augmented reality (AR)

Presents digital information, objects, or media in the real world through a mobile device or headset. These elements can appear as a flat graphical overlay or can behave as a seemingly real 3D object.

Mixed reality (MR)

Represents the spectrum between the part-digital world of augmented reality and the fully immersive experience of virtual reality. Sometimes also referred to as extended reality (XR) or immersive technology.

Unlock the power of VR/AR

Immersive VR/AR technologies are connecting and engaging people at deeper and more meaningful levels. We apply the human insight, leading technologies and industry expertise to help you unlock the benefits across your organisation. Are you ready to join the immersive revolution?


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Do you want to expand customer experiences and connect at a deeper and more authentic level?

Successful organisations recognise the vital importance of engaging with their customers in a deep and meaningful way, to drive repeat business and customer loyalty. VR/AR is an essential tool for brands seeking to connect with people on a more emotional and experiential level, with its immersive powers providing unique and engaging experiences.

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Are you giving your people the best learning and development experiences?

VR/AR is transforming organisational training programmes. From health and safety to medical and behavioural training VR/AR is energising learning programmes and improving participants' memory and recall. As an invaluable cost effective component of successful change management programmes, VR/AR is increasingly being used in applications across all industry sectors.

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Do you want to strengthen product development?

Designers and product managers need to constantly test and visualise their iterations during the design process. This can be costly, time consuming and inefficient.

VR/AR significantly improves the whole product development process, allowing designers to refine and test, without having to physically build first. This not only reduces errors but rapidly accelerates innovation and time to market.

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Are you interested in gaining efficiencies and improving productivity?

Through augmented reality, digital projections are overlaid onto real life objects, allowing users to visually manipulate their surroundings. Employees no longer need to interrupt their work to review manuals or detailed instructions - this information can be relayed via the augmented reality headset. Teams can experiment with supply chain developments, logistical changes, all without disturbing the day-to-day business. All industries, from engineering and manufacturing to utilities and emergency services are realising the positive impact immersive technology can have across their organisations.

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We will help you unlock the power of virtual and augmented reality

Discover the opportunities

Grasp the full potential of VR/AR technology and how it can be used for both consumer and enterprise purposes.

  • Join us in our virtual reality lab to explore the potential of immersive technology through a personalised workshop.
  • Learn how VR/AR could impact your organisation, today and tomorrow, and assess the new business opportunities these technologies could create.

Devise your business case

Benefit from bespoke research and build a business case for how VR/AR can create value in your organisation. 

  • Prioritise the key areas where your organisation wants to unlock the power of VR/AR - from greater client and employee engagement to improving operational efficiency or realising cost savings. 
  • Align the right technologies to the desired outcome to achieve stakeholder engagement.

Develop the right solution

Produce the software required to bring your organisation's VR/AR vision to life.  

  • Develop the VR/AR software in a suitable format to the agreed timeline.
  • Project manage and ensure the quality of the developed solution.

Deploy across your organisation

Implement hardware, software and change management procedures.

  • Launch your experience internally and/or externally and realise your vision. 
  • Engage your people and put in place the framework and processes for continual success.  


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