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Technology transforming the NHS

An ageing population is putting a strain on the health service. We’re transforming the NHS by using technology to support treating these increasing numbers in smarter and efficient ways whilst maintaining standards.

Setting the scene

Automation, AI and other technological and digital innovations are further increasing the pace of change, and offering many more creative ways of working and delivering services.

Underpinned by technology, we have supported the NHS to cut the time spent by healthcare professionals on admin so they can spend it with patients instead.

How we helped

We’re focused on giving clinicians the time to make a difference for patients. With a growing population and longer life expectancy, the healthcare system in the UK is under pressure, so freeing up clinical time to allow staff to treat increasing numbers of people while maintaining standards in patient care is vital.

To do so, we have invested in the health technology business that has developed Perfect Ward. This mobile phone application digitises healthcare inspections, cutting the time healthcare professionals spend on admin.

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Perfect Ward's Impact at Bart's Health

“Perfect Ward is making a real impact in the sector. Nurses who were previously burdened with writing up inspections and reporting now have extra time to spend with patients. It’s vital that healthcare organisations find easy and simple systems which enhance quality, safety and reliability, without creating extra work for staff or increasing staffing levels. Perfect Ward is an easy to use, technology solution that ensures patients and staff come first.”

Quentin Cole Government and Health Industries Leader, PwC

Making a difference

Perfect Ward frees up staff, particularly nurses, to spend time doing what they do best: caring for patients. It also replaces pen-and-paper audits, with live reporting giving immediate results that frontline clinical staff can use to make improvements straightaway, improving safety and the quality of care. Staff are therefore empowered to be active in continual quality improvement. 

Barts Health NHS Trust, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust are among those already reporting that Perfect Ward has been key to changing behaviours, revolutionising their care audits by giving them access to instantaneous information. It's been embraced in all clinical areas, replacing paper spreadsheets with tablets. 

Based on observed audits at two London NHS Trusts, Prefect Ward reduces the time spent on weekly audits by 67% and annual accreditations by 55% which can add up to significant savings. Based on this it is estimated that an organisation could save £270,000 per annum.

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