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Award-winning transformational work

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards are the benchmark for quality within the consulting industry. The 2020 awards recognised PwC for a range of outstanding transformational work, naming us as winner in four categories.

Bedfordshire Police

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector award

Bedfordshire Police faced the challenge of how best to align its resources with its growing public protection demands - and the pressure was on to see results quickly. 

We needed to help it refocus its operational priorities and make at least £3m of savings, which it could then reinvest in areas that would have the greatest impact. Our team worked hand in hand with the Force, blending direction from management with insight from the frontline.

Against that £3m target, Bedfordshire Police was actually able to release £7m for reinvestment. This allowed the Force to not only maintain operational policing in the county, but also to invest in improving processes and deploying additional officers to tackle issues affecting some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Starling Bank

Data and Innovation in the Private Sector award

In 2014, five big banks shared 85% of the UK banking market between them. Starling had a big ambition to build a different and better bank that focused on its customers. Our team has supported the growth and diversification of the bank since the outset, from the launch of Starling’s personal banking offer, to recently working on its business banking proposition, helping it secure the recognition and awards it deserves.

As an outcome of our work, competition is being rebalanced in the UK banking market and the banking experience has been improved for hundreds of thousands of customers.

Phoenix/Standard Life International

Change and Transformation in the Private Sector award

As a business with a European footprint, for Standard Life, the implications of a hard Brexit created a complex challenge. It knew it had to give its UK and overseas customers confidence that the level of service they received would remain high and that their financial outcome wouldn’t be adversely impacted.

Our multi-disciplinary team worked closely with the client on a programme that included business, legal, finance, operations and culture transformation. It also involved the transfer of Standard Life’s European policy holders from the UK to Ireland. As a result, Standard Life was ready for any Brexit outcome and its policyholders were protected.

Emma Booth

Team Leader Consultant of the Year award

Emma is a director in our Customer Strategy & Experience practice, with an impeccable record of delivering customer-led transformation at some of the world’s biggest and most complex financial services organisations.

The MCA recognised Emma for her exceptional performance leading combined client and consulting teams across multiple high-profile projects in the UK and Europe. This has included customer-centric transformation across clients in both retail and commercial banking.

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“Our successes in the MCA awards in this and previous years are a great indicator of the brilliant transformation work we deliver for our clients.

“I’m really proud of the way we’ve been able to help our clients in both the private and public sectors meet their transformation challenges, before and throughout the pandemic. It demonstrates the adaptability and innovation which are hallmarks of our industry.”

Paul Terrington, Head of Consulting

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