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Transforming how Capita interacts with its customers

Engaged to provide Capita with a single customer relationship management (CRM) solution across its group, our work hit unexpected challenges with the start of lockdown. By working collaboratively and embracing technology, we were able to complete the delivery of a challenging project remotely.

Setting the scene

Capita is a consulting, digital services and software business. After many years of acquisitions, it had a number of standalone technology solutions in use across six core divisions and other businesses. With a goal to drive growth through cross-selling and enhanced marketing, we were brought on board to move Capita onto a single, group-wide Salesforce CRM with an integrated and automated marketing function.

We put in place a common Salesforce platform, migrated data from multiple source systems into the new single CRM solution and onboarded users across all divisions. This was supported by activity designed to build engagement and buy-in among the teams who would be moving onto the technology.

As the UK locked down, it became clear that the planned delivery and ways of working would need to drastically change. The programme team of over 60 people across PwC UK, Poland and India along with 30-40 Capita team members came together building on the ‘one-team’ culture - which had developed across the programme - to quickly shift to virtual working. By thinking creatively about remote delivery methods and using digital tools, we were able to complete the remaining delivery milestones to plan and budget without delay.

How we helped

Moving at speed, we overhauled our delivery and ways of working to fit the remote working environment. This included:

  • Implementing four releases of Salesforce in a remote working world, affecting all users.

  • Onboarding users from two of the largest business divisions, all completed remotely, with a total redesign of classroom training, including design of an e-learn in one week and virtual training courses.

  • Running multiple C-level leadership engagement sessions, remotely.

  • Transforming remote user acceptance testing (UAT) into a virtual engagement activity with quizzes, milestone celebrations and testing-inspired music playlist.

  • Completing a fast-paced data migration with high engagement from the business users.

  • Holding virtual Friday socials for the whole programme team with weekly themes.

By adapting quickly to the changing circumstances, we were able to successfully complete the delivery of this programme.

We have received strong feedback for hitting all our milestones within an already accelerated timeline of under ten months, under lockdown, maintaining an unwavering focus on user experience, and working as a unified team alongside Capita.

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“PwC has become our most trusted professional services firm partner of choice. Given the scale of our business and our high ambitions for what this programme needed to deliver, the ability of the team to complete the work in ten months would have been impressive under normal circumstances. But how PwC were able to adapt and work with us creatively through lockdown to deliver this remotely has certainly helped make them the delivery partner of choice.”

Jonathan Lewis, CEO, Capita

Making a difference

Capita now has full visibility of its customer sales and marketing information using one, centralised and integrated platform. 

We successfully consolidated existing CRM systems, and on-boarded over 1,200 users. Creating a common sales and marketing platform has enabled the launch of group-wide marketing campaigns to customers and increased collaborative working - making savings and providing real-time data-driven sales insights across Capita. 

And with consolidated sales data, the sales teams are more empowered with the information they need to up-sell or cross-sell, to identify priority opportunities early and turn them into revenue.

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