Annual Report 2023

Enabling everyone

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From sharing the origins of the electric toothbrush to enhancing our private medical benefit, we’ve been taking steps to foster a culture where our disabled and neurodivergent colleagues feel more enabled and empowered to thrive.

Setting the scene

A couple of years ago, we collaborated with external advisers and our Disability Awareness Network (DAWN) to research our people’s understanding and experiences of disability and neurodiversity in the workplace, with the aim of improving both. 

We used these insights to develop a robust action plan, focused on the areas that mattered most to our people: improving our approach to workplace adjustments, and developing training and interventions to improve disability awareness, enablement and confidence across the firm. 

This year, we’ve been bringing that to life through a programme that is committed to removing barriers faced by individuals and celebrates their strengths through our #EnablingEveryone campaign.

How we helped

A key part of the campaign, our ‘You’re welcome’ video was developed in collaboration with, and featuring, members of DAWN. It drew attention to a range of everyday things we all benefit from that were originally invented for the disabled and neurodivergent communities - from electric toothbrushes and drop kerbs, to audiobooks and weighted blankets.

In November we launched our LinkedIn series ‘Disabling Bias’, featuring colleagues and external guests. They’ve discussed a range of issues that the disabled and neurodivergent communities face on a daily basis and throughout their careers.

But, alongside education and open conversations, we also recognised the need for practical interventions to enhance our people’s day-to-day experience at work. These have included seeking feedback on our office spaces, the introduction of ‘EnableMe Adjustments Passports’ to help colleagues more easily record and share workplace adjustments and ways of working that help them thrive, and a refresh of our inclusive conversations guidance to better equip people to support colleagues. We’ve also made assistive literacy software available to all of our people and their families, and enhanced our private medical benefit to include new pathways for neurodiversity and chronic condition support.

And as we seek to broaden access into our firm, we look forward to welcoming more students from the 10,000 Able Interns programme.

“The neurodiversity diagnosis and support offered by the firm via the private medical benefit was quite simply breathtaking and has dramatically improved my overall quality of life, understanding of my past, reinforced my confidence and I’m now performing better in the day job!”

Chris Holloway
Digital Accessibility Manager, Business Solutions

Making a difference

Our #EnablingEveryone campaign has been very well received, with our people describing it as “clever”, “educational” and “thought provoking”. And our Disabling Bias series has become our most popular live series, with an average of 1,000 listeners per episode. Host and UK Inclusion & Enablement Lead, Kim Whippy said: “It’s helped us have more confident conversations to understand the barriers people face so we can provide practical support”.

But there’s still more work needed to ensure our disabled and neurodivergent colleagues feel truly enabled. So we remain focused on delivering our five point inclusion action plan and bringing our enablement strategy to life. Reporting our disability data transparently and using our people’s feedback helps us to hold ourselves accountable and target our efforts where they are needed most.

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