Budget 2016

What it really means for you

The Chancellor has delivered his eighth Budget announcement to Parliament. Our specialists give us their views of the key measures and outcomes to understand the impact on you and your business.

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Post Budget panel discussions

Pensions and Lifetime ISAs – how will the new changes affect you?

Our team discuss the winners and losers for pensions, Lifetime ISAs and consider how employers need to change their reward approach to stay relevant for millennials.

What do the outcomes really mean for you?

Now the dust has settled, Alex Henderson discusses the outcomes of Budget 2016 with our international tax and employment specialists - Diane Hay, Stuart MacPherson and Iain McCluskey. 

Our video reactions

Now we've heard the Chancellor deliver his eighth Budget announcement, our specialists give us their views on the impact for you and your business.

Budget 2016 - What did it mean for you?

We have gathered the views from a range of different people within PwC to find out what the Chancellor's Budget outcomes meant to them. Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say.


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