Enterprise Resilience

Enterprise Resilience helps organisations to survive and prosper in an age of uncertainty.

Enterprise Resilience builds on the principles of Business Continuity but extends these much further to help provide a much more effective and integrated approach to responding to and adapting to changes that might otherwise threaten your business.

We see Enterprise Resilience to be closely related to risk management and also of the overall operational management of the organisation.

We deliver key lines of service for:

  • Enterprise Resilience: helping you to define, understand, remediate key aspects of your resilience, to support sustained survival and growth.
  • Crisis Leadership: building crisis capability to respond and thrive in adversity and supporting you in the midst of crisis
  • Business Continuity: planning how to maintain the continuity of your most important services and assurance of those plans
  • IT Resilience: ensuring the recovery of IT systems meets business requirements.
  • Integrated risk management: aligning risk and resilience to mitigate a wider range of risks.

We bring a wide range of additional capability to Enterprise Resilience, using the resources of the whole company - this helps you integrate resilience into a wider business context and enables us to offer additional services to you such as:

  • Real-time crisis support:  support during a crisis, drawing on legal, forensic, and communications expertise
  • Supply chain: understanding supply risk drawing on our industry, risk, and procurement expertise
  • Governance and compliance: ensuring enterprise resilience and risk governance meet best practice as well as regulatory and industry standards.