Decarbonising the Value Chain

The Global Construction Futures Report

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A global forecast for the construction industry to 2037

The global construction sector is at an inflection point and at a pivotal moment of transformation, marked by both unprecedented challenges and remarkable opportunities. The imperative to decarbonise and need to take swift and decisive action to address climate change across the construction value chain is clear. From design and planning to material selection, construction methods and building operations, every aspect of the industry must be reimagined and reengineered to achieve carbon neutrality and enhance resilience.

The sector shapes the physical environment and is uniquely positioned to drive the transition to a low-carbon future. By embracing the principles of sustainable construction, we can create energy-efficient buildings, leverage renewable energy sources, and adopt circular business models that not only minimise waste but also maximise resource efficiency.

The path to decarbonisation requires collaboration and innovation on an unprecedented scale. We know it is not without its challenges. However, we can help you navigate these and turn them into opportunities for innovation and growth. When you bring together the right sector insight, expertise, and technology, you bring decarbonisation within reach.

Together, we can build a more productive, sustainable value chain. Discover more by downloading the Global Construction Futures report: A global forecast for the construction industry to 2037.

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Transforming the Construction industry through decarbonisation

PwC recently hosted a webinar for global Construction executives. Renowned experts in economic research, Oxford Economics provide invaluable insights from their recent Global Construction Futures report. Plus, hear industry experts explore the opportunities and challenges decarbonisation presents for the industry.

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Decarbonising the construction value chain

Many major economies have committed to become net zero by 2050, but none appears to have a coherent plan to fully decarbonise their markets. Achieving net zero depends on the success of decarbonising the construction value chain.

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