Mandatory UK gender pay reporting

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Discover the full extent of pay differences between men and women in UK companies.

The second year of reporting - an overview

The 5th of April 2019 marked the second annual deadline for over 10,000 organisations across the UK to publish their gender pay gap reports. The figures showed that progress has been sluggish at best.

We know that putting measures in place that will drive long-term change at every level of an organisation takes time.  However this year’s reports do raise questions about the extent to which businesses are prioritising the issue and what additional measures employers may need to take to kickstart real change.

We’ve published a report in which experts across the firm analyse the latest figures and provide analysis and insights on what the data means, what measures might be working and where the greatest challenges lie.


What do the 2019 gender pay disclosures tell us?

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Overall, the figures published show a very minor shift in the gender pay gap across organisations. The median of all the mean pay gaps reported in 2019 was 13.1%, as of the reporting deadline, marginally down from 13.3% in the previous year. The median of all the median pay gaps inched higher, from 9.2% to 9.6%.

Big jumps shouldn’t be expected from year to year, but the apparent lack of movement so far should increase pressure on businesses to step up their efforts to effect real progress in the years to come.

In this report, we explore what the headline statistics really mean, while also looking forward to what companies should be doing ahead of the third year of gender pay gap reporting.


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