Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities

Our 2017 Good growth for cities report presents the findings of our index on the economic wellbeing of UK urban areas based on how the public views success.

UK Economic Outlook

Regular PwC report covering outlook for economic growth at the national, sectoral and regional level, as well as prospects for inflation, earnings and interest rates. This edition also looks in detail at prospects for the housing market and takes a longer term view of the potential impact of AI and related technologies in both creating and displacing jobs.

Disrupting Utilities: Is it anyone’s game?

A potential revolution for the energy industry is being led by advancements in smart home technology, real time data becoming available and evolving customer expectations. The door is wide open for truly innovative companies.

Unlocking the power of cities for sustainable development

We believe that cities hold the key to sustainable development. So, as developing countries seek to uncover the full benefits of urbanisation, they face an important question: how can they make sure that the growth generated by cities is sustainable and productive, with the benefits shared widely across society? PwC works alongside donors and governments worldwide to answer this question.

Cities of Opportunity 7: London retains the top spot

Cities of opportunity analyses the development of 30 global cities across 10 key indicators.

Reimagining capital projects

Transformation of capital projects through the use of digital technologies

Industry 4.0: Building the digital enterprise - Engineering and construction key findings

Engineering and Construction entities need to act now to secure a leading position in tomorrow’s complex industrial ecosystems.

The housing association of 2020: distinctive by design

The six steps set out in this Talking Points publication represent a clear programme of action that all housing associations can undertake in order to meet the challenges of the next five years and lay secure foundations for the future.

Working Capital Report 2017/18: Pressure in the system

PwC’s latest global analysis of working capital performance looks at how it affects company value.